I’m a tea-drinking, vintage-loving blogger currently studying in Dublin. I grew up in the big old town of Letterkenny in Donegal then moved to Dublin to study Law with French Law in UCD two years ago. Since then I’ve lived in Paris for a year and now I’m moving on to live in Brussels for a while before finishing my law degree for good!

I like everything artsy, everything bold, everything colourful and everything adventurous. I like picnics and ice-cream, old-fashioned films, macaroons, teacups, politics and cake. I like to read in parks with lakes and ducks. I like pancakes with marshmallows and far too much chocolate. I’ve always had a love for all things quirky as well as travelling, baking, music and activism.

As I get up to all my little adventures, I love to blog about everything I find along the way. Sometimes I think I’ve let myself get completely lost in my own little world but truth be told, I’m perfectly happy that way.

Life story? I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

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