I’m a tea-drinking, vintage-loving blogger based in Dublin. While my first love and home will always be Donegal, I fell in love with this city years ago when I moved here to study and, aside from a year in Paris and a stint in Brussels, I never left.

As Told By Sorcha first came to life when I was sixteen. I wanted a diary that couldn’t be lost and a place for my thoughts that I could mould to fit into my life regardless of the chapter. I’ve intermittently left and revisited this blog over the years and for that you’ll likely notice a few gaps in my posts. As much as I’m grateful for social media, I do tend to switch off from it all every now and again¬† – my apologies in advance. The idea behind this blog was to create a scrapbook, my life as told by me, with the sole reader (or at least so I had assumed) being an eighty-five year old version of myself with a fading memory of all the wonderful and occasionally not so wonderful chapters along the way.

As for a few things about me, if you delve into the pages of this blog, you’ll quickly realise that I’ve quite the sweet tooth and I love to visit new places. Hummus is one of my greatest weaknesses. I love the outdoors and will happily try to hike or picnic my way through the weekend. I’m an environmentalist and a vegetarian – one led to the other. I thoroughly enjoy brunch and really anything that involves food and great company.

Life story? I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

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