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Since I’ve moved to Dublin, I’ve found it incredibly difficult to fit in enough ‘me time.’

Work can sometimes lead to long hours and early starts and I’ve found that fitting in everything else around it can be tricky at the best of times. Exercise and healthy eating I can do (at a stretch) but more often than not I tend to leave the house / gym with my hair barely brushed and thrown back into whatever style I can manage in 5 mins or less.

Then last week I heard about the new Dry & Fly Dublin opening up on Wicklow Street and was invited to come along and see what it was like.

And I loved it.

My appointment was at 7am and I received the warmest welcome from the moment that I walked in. I was offered teas, coffees, prosecco (was 7am too early? This is the kinda thing that I debated as I reluctantly chose the tea) and the staff filled me in on all the lovely options I could choose for my blow dry. I opted for waves because I’m useless at creating that look myself and god knows my hair doesn’t need to get any flatter than it already is.

Curly it was.

As you can see from the photo up top, Danielle (my incredible hairdresser that morning) did a phenomenal job. I posted that photo up on Instagram fairly soon after my appointment and received more texts and messages before lunch than I usually get in 24 hours. It was crazy. Everyone thought I’d gotten a whole new hair style. I didn’t, I just gave my hair some TLC for once!

And I really need to do it more often. It was such a fantastic way to start my morning and put me in a great mood all day. I felt like I had my own little pamper session over and done with before 8am and I walked into work feeling like a complete powerhouse. Can I have it all? No, but I can take 40 mins or so and give myself great hair in the morning and I think I can live with that.

If anyone wants to check out the salon, their website is linked here.

The Lookbook Blowdry that I got usually costs €28, but they’ve limited numbers in their Blow Dry Club allowing ladies to get one blow dry a week every month for €80.

Aside from hair, the salon also does nails, make up and combo packages of the above so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve an occasion coming up but no time to prepare or even if (like me!) you just decide that you need a little mid-week treat.

Any questions, feel free to drop me a message! As usual, my email is linked above.
Alternatively just go straight to the source and ask the lovely people over at Dry & Fly!

Sorcha x

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