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It’s been a week since we first landed here in Ecuador. Just a week. And in that very brief space of time, we’ve gotten ourselves lost on a misty Ecuadorian highway in the middle of the Andes, we’ve showered in waterfalls, turned cocoa beans into chocolate and used he jungle lagoons as our own little amazonian paradise. Although it’s still early days, it seems that Ecuador is everything we expected it to be and more.

That said, it’s taken us a while to adjust to the cold showers and occasionally crossing paths with tarantulas, but overall, there’s been no real glitches to report. I’ve even managed to largely avoid the mozzie bites and sun burn, though everyone had commented on how very painfully white I am. Luck of the Irish indeed.

At this point we’ve toured Quito, Papallacta and spent a few nights in the jungle. We’ve met up with our tour company, G Adventures, and found ourselves in luck with the incredible people we’re getting to tour with. Mainly from Australia, Germany and the UK, our tour buddies are every bit as crazy as we’d hoped. Everyone seems to be coming from different adventures and I can’t help but envy the free spirits among us who have been travelling for months on end.

I guess everyone has to start somewhere though! Hearing all the stories from their travels has absolutely reaffirmed my plan to see as much of the world as possible, and I’ve decided to aim for a new adventure every year or two. There’s just far too much to see and far too little time (or funds sadly!)

As I write this, we’re currently on a bus to Banõs – the adrenaline junkies’ playground. I’m absolutely game for whitewater rafting, but there’s a lot of talk about paragliding and zip lining and really, I’m tempted by all of it. After several days of sweaty trekking and no electricity, the thoughts of being back in a city are very welcomed!

Oh and yes – the jungle was a phenomenal experience. The amazonian people thrive on their connection to Patcha Mama (don’t judge my spelling, Spanish is entirely new to me) aka mother earth. They spoke to us about the power of the jungle and the closeness that they’ve developed over generations with all that lives there. They strongly believe in spirits, magics and energy that protects them, and their knowledge of the environment they lived in is incredible.

Part of me understood the attraction of the jungle once I saw the breathtaking lagoons and looked up at a night sky so clear and untainted with city lights that you could see stars and the milky way stretch for miles. I mean, it might be a nice life, there in their own little world far from offices and 9-5 routines. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just a nice break from reality. Nonetheless, I’m determined to make the most of it.

Sorcha x

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