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Excellent news – I passed my exams!

Having reached the halfway point of the FE1 mountain, I decided to spend the past fortnight or so trying to relax and get over the trauma of study before it starts all over again in July for round 2. And til then, not one more word of FE1s or study will be mentioned in this blog.

Goji berries, spinach, beans, pumpkin/ sunflower seeds and hummus., that’ll end up being a recipe I put up here too, but for now a quick snap will have to do!

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy working on travel plans and saving up for globetrotting. I’m still working away on a few recipes (there’s a salted caramel and chocolate tart on its way, I promise) and enjoying the early signs of summer.
The weather has been excellent for a few days now – I’ve managed to fit in plenty of sun time and used the opportunity to flaunt my new summer wardrobe bought for our glamping trip to Spain in a few weeks! It also brings out the nicest summer salad opportunities, and today’s was a berry, bean and hummus loaded concoction. I loved it. Once I perfect

Recently I also made my first trip to Kilkenny. I’d never really thought about visiting the place until my beautiful cousin Fiona invited me down for her hen party there. And my review? I will definitely be heading back. Hen party aside (which was an excellent weekend spent catching up with family) the city is gorgeous. It’s incredibly quaint and beautiful to walk around. The people, the cafes, the castle and the pubs… it was if the entire place went out of their way to ensure we had a phenomenal time visiting. They couldn’t have done enough to make us feel welcome in the area and I can’t stop telling people about how good a weekend we had.

The theme was Rose of Tralee by the way, so that’s why we’re all wearing sashes and red dresses in the photos below!

My next post due will almost certainly be another recipe. With work and study and the likes, they’ve become my small highlights of the week! That and trying out new cafes and boutiques, so expect reviews to feature some time soon.

In other news, I’ve been invited to a make up masterclass next week by the lovely ladies over at Benefit. I’ve already spoken about what a fan I am of their make up before (read¬†here!) so I’m looking forward to picking up some tips from them.

In the mean time, I’ll continue soaking up the sunshine.

Sorcha x

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