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I’ve started seeing Christmas trees up in shop windows around Letterkenny. There are fairy lights everywhere. Christmas buying has already began. The countdown is finally on!
With roughly a month left until Christmas, the whole town has thrown itself very much into festive preparations, and I couldn’t be happier. After years of having pre-Christmas exams, for once I can fully enjoy the lead up to the 25th!

And, as per tradition, the Christmas markets will certainly be getting a visit. Another wonderful aspect to this time of year is all the craft fairs that pop up in the area. I’m a huge fan of all things handmade, chocolates and jewellery especially, so I was in no way going to miss out on the craft fair that took place here this weekend.

The fair was quite small (held in the Radisson in town) but the trinkets on display were excellent all the same. As a proud foodie, all the sweet treats clearly grabbed my attention. My favourite happened to be a Transition Year mini company stall ran by some students from the Royal and Prior Secondary School. Their company idea was simple – unprocessed sweets (coconut, dates and almond balls) to replace the sugary snacks that children reach for in shops. Naturally, since their treats were vegan, I bought several little bags and munched on them as I made my way around the other stalls. I’m not even remotely embarrassed to admit that we bought more on the way out of the fair – you know, for later. (They didn’t last much later). And to make their mini company even better, they’d teamed up with Jigsaw Letterkenny, a local youth mental health organisation, and were donating some of their proceeds to the more than worthy cause.
So, in a way, my excessive buying of all their yum treats was actually just me doing a good deed. A selfless action. Obviously.
Aside from the food at the market, I spied a lovely stall full of handmade vintagesque clothing. Capes, bowties, hair pieces, scarves – they were really lovely. I know Christmas is a time for giving gifts to friends and family, but, like always, I couldn’t help myself. I bought a tweed bow.
Although the piece is meant to be worn around my neck, I’ve it currently wrapped around my hair. It’s multifunctional. Dare I say a practical purchase? No, I suppose not. But I really liked it. And I was supporting a local business in the process. And it’s been a while since I treated myself (forget about the sweets bought minutes earlier). So yes, purchase justified.
There’s another craft fair on in Letterkenny next weekend, and I’ll probably post up a bit about that too! I’l try buy a gift for someone other than myself, I promise.
Sorcha x


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