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Last Saturday I visited the Letterkenny Artisan Market and although it featured in my previous post, Ten Things That Made Me Happy This Week, I felt that the market was so quaint that it deserved a post all to itself.
On every Saturday morning, the market is home to all kinds of wonderful stalls. From cupcakes (can be made gluten-free or vegan on request apparently) to fudge, to breads and veg, you could easily pick up everything and anything if you’re a massive foodie like myself. Naturally, I sampled as much as I could.

I bought my lunch at the Spicy Bird (vegan again!) and proceeded to walk around looking at all kinds of crafts in the place. I was with mum (pictured looking suitably delighted with her coffee) and we both made sure to chat to as many of the stall owners as we could.

One of the nicest surprises for me was Discover Juice. I know juice dieting is a thing and a great way to get a whole load of vitamins and minerals into you in one go, but I’ve never quite been able to make green juices taste in any way nice. In fact, any attempt I’ve had has turned out chewy. And juice, my dear friends, should never be chewy. So it was with a bit of curiosity that I tried the Emerald Isle, a green juice by Discover Juice that had broccoli, kale and all other kinds of goodness that shouldn’t taste nice together. And know what? I loved the stuff.
It was refreshing, but not in a ‘down it and get sugar to mask the taste’ kind of way. I genuinely liked the taste. The carrot juice, Carrot Gold, and the beetroot juice, Up Beat, were also delicious, though for me Emerald Isle won out.
On my to do list involves trying out the wheatgrass shots also available at the market, but I’ll leave that until next week’s market ventures!
The Letterkenny Artisan Market is only new on the scene, so although it’s not too big at the minute, I’m fairly confident that it’s one to watch. The food is wholesome, homemade and healthy (minus some few sneaky but delicious cakes) and the local musicians that play throughout the afternoon provide the background entertainment while you browse stalls.
Mum and I grabbed treats for ourselves, picked a bench to sit down on and just soaked it all in. We both agreed that it was an excellent place to spend an afternoon, though still too small a market to spend all day at. We’re holding out hope for the Christmas Artisan Market – with a few months to go, it’s got great potential. Yes, yes I will be posting about that too. I know, it’s far too early yet to be talking about these sort of things yet, but if you think about it, Christmas eve is only three months to the day away… 😛
Sorry. I’ll stop. Visit the market – it’s excellent. Eat its cakes, drink its coffee, buy its crafts and spend a very happy Saturday afternoon.
Sorcha x
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