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It’s that wonderful time again! Sporadic as my happiness posts are, I still think it’s important to check in every now and again and acknowledge all the little things that make me happy. And, you know, ensure that these activities continue!

I’ve had a busy week travelling up and down and all around the country, but I’m back home and writing this post from the comfort of my duvet. I’m cosy. I’m cuddled up. I’m ready to blog.


1. Rocky Horror Show at the Lighthouse Cinema: I click attending to a lot of events on Facebook. Half I never look at again. But when I saw that the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin was showing a live performance of the Rocky Horror Show, I knew I had to see if my friend Niamh was free. Niamh, a seasoned Rocky Horror enthusiast, had the costumes and the dance moves at the ready. And the night was excellent. We sang along to all the songs, we got up and time warped our way through the show… It gets five stars. Yes, this absolutely made me happy this week.

2. T-shirt Painting: Niamh is also an incredibly creative and artistic individual. While staying at hers, she helped me customise a t-shirt with neon and glow in the dark paints. I’m not usually that artistic (putting it lightly) but I wish I was – it’s such a fun thing to do. Especially over a glass of wine or two.

3. Glow Parties: This was the reason I painted my t-shirt neon in the first place!! My friend Josh was hosting a glow in the dark/ neon themed party at the weekend and I really wanted to go all out. You all know that I love a good theme, so I painted my nails with glow in the dark paint, got sparklers glow sticks, face paint and made the most of the night. It was excellent! Josh is one of these people who put thought into every last detail of a party so that everyone has the best night possible. And it worked. Candles, fairy lights, a fire pit… we all sat around a fire making s’mores til the little hours. Yes, I was very, VERY happy.

4. Culture Night: Last Friday was culture night. For those of you who don’t quite know what that involves, it’s basically an evening where every county in Ireland opens up it’s museums, galleries and theatres and hosts a series of free music and art events all over the towns and cities. I found myself in Dublin for the occasion, so Karen and I ventured into Merrion Square to see soak up some culture. Art installations, musicians and raves in basements were all part of the night.

5.  Making Nan’s Apple Jelly: Remember that big old apple tree that sat in my garden and produced a million little apples? Well we found an excellent use for its apples. Apple Jelly. My grandmother used to make it and my mum dug up the recipe and tried it out. Nineteen jars we got out of it! We were thrilled. The only downside is how addictive it is. I’ve been drowning my toast, crackers and even porridge in it ever since it set. I think nan would have been proud.

6. Moving Home: I know I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but I’ve packed and unpacked all my boxes and officially moved in with my bestie Shauna. From living with Claire last year to Shauna this year, I couldn’t be happier. We’ve a year load of tea chats, nights out (and in) and random adventures to look forward to!

7. Family Fundraising: This evening my sister Eilis, mum, Shauna and I decided to go do a 5k to help fundraise for Eilis’ school and my old alma mater. We baked some apple squares (again, those apples were the gift that kept on giving) and got our tea and cakes in to go along with the exercise! I’ve been getting to do a lot more things with my family now that I’m not so taken up with finishing off my degree, so I’m trying to make the most of it before FE1 study properly kicks in!

8. Wine Catch Ups: While in Dublin this week, I had the unexpected evening out with my beautiful friend Karen. A woman who got me through many tough times, I was thrilled when we went for a catch up in town. We even ventured over to the Pav, the Trinity bar (I know, barely out of UCD and we’re already examining alternatives..) and met some more friends there. The place was launching into Freshers’ week again – it’s odd knowing that’s not a thing for me anymore. A bittersweet sort of happiness though!

9. Letterkenny Artisan Market: This is one to watch. I’d heard about this market starting up quite recently and one Saturday morning I decided to ramble into the place. Everything from breads, cakes, curries, soups, wheatgrass shots and juices featured. It’s an excellent little place to grab lunch and listen to some tunes provided by local musicians. There’s a growing arts and crafts side to the market too – I’m definitely going to be frequenting the place as Christmas draws nearer. I’ve no doubt it’ll be growing from strength to strength in the next few months, so hopefully by then I’ll not only grab my lunch, but my dinner and dessert in the place too!

10. Blog Awards Ireland: So did I mention that this blog, As Told By Sorcha, has been shortlisted for best personal / lifestyle and best youth blog? No? Well now I have. For the past fortnight people have been able to vote for their favourite blogs, and I’ve been so thrilled to feature among them. This place has always been my little sanctuary for my thoughts and ramblings, so to see it do so well and to get such kind emails from followers has been overwhelming. Thank you everyone for your support – I constantly appreciate it.

Anyway, those are the ten things that stood out for me this week. I’ve a few recipes, reviews and projects in the works, so you’ll be hearing about them all soon!

Til then,

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