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I’ve been spending these past few days visiting family down south in Cork and Tipperary. Since I only ever manage to make the trip a few times a year, it’s always a super special occasion and one which I try to make the most of!

This time round, we decided to stop off at Apple Farm in Cahir, Co. Tipperary, a family farm that was filled to the brim with magnificent apple trees. It really put me to shame! Did I mention that my own little apple tree has been covered in fruit lately? No? Well it has. I picked two box loads, and there’s still apples falling off it. I was very proud of it really, especially given that it produced barely anything last year!
Of course it meant that I was making more apple pies and crumbles this past fortnight than ever before, but I rose to the challenge. I think my friends can’t handle any more apple treats for a while now though…
But back to Apple Farm! They used their apples for everything from lemonade to cider vinegar, and I loved wandering around their shop. They grow strawberries and raspberries too, and as someone who stuffed her face full of them immediately after leaving their shop, I can testify that they were incredible.
I bought their sparkling apple lemonade, their cider vinegar, O’ Donnell crisps (to which Apple Farm provides the apple cider vinegar) and some syrup. The crisps are long gone, as is most of the sparkling apple juice, which has made me accept that I actually have a problem. Nothing lasts around me. Still, no regrets. Well one – I should’ve bought more.
Anyway the moral of the story here is that I’ve been apple obsessed lately and need to figure out many many ways of using up my apples and apple cider. If anyone has any recipes that they can recommend, I’ll happily oblige. Otherwise, stay tuned for my own creations.

And if you ever find yourself with a craving for homemade lemonades around Cahir, you now know where to go!

Sorcha x


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