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These truffles are such crowd pleasers. I’ve made them time and time again as gifts, as desserts, or even just as a sweet snack for people coming around. Everyone loves them.
That said, they’re cookie dough balls coated in chocolate. What’s not to love?
The recipe I’m putting up here is non-vegan, but I usually substitute the butter for vegan margarine, use dark chocolate chips and sweetened almond milk plus extra sugar instead of the sweetened condensed milk and it still works quite well for anyone who wants to avoid using animal products!
One of the best things about this recipe is that it’s hard to get wrong. You don’t really need to weigh much, and I’ve taken to just using a standard cup to measure out the flour, etc. Whatever sized cup you use for the flour, just keep using it for all other ingredients in the recipe.

Makes: 40 truffles


3/4 cup of brown sugar (light or dark, but I prefer light)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup salted butter/ margarine
2 cups of plain white flour
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 packet of chocolate chips
2 large milk chocolate bars
1 large white chocolate bar


1. Melt the butter in the microwave if you’ve taken it straight out of the fridge. If it’s already soft, then add it to a large mixing bowl. Add in vanilla, and brown sugar. Mix altogether with an electric mixer.
2. Add in the flour and mix until it resembles cookie crumbles, with no white flour or brown sugar chunks left.
3. Beat in the sweetened condensed milk and the chocolate chips. I know, it looks amazing right? Try not to eat too much of the mixture. This is the tough part – I usually fall down at this step.
4. Cover the bowl with cling film and place in the fridge for an hour or so. The cookie dough needs to be hard enough to roll into balls, so giving it enough time to harden is key.
5. Cover two trays with grease-proof paper. Take a teaspoon and spoon out cookie dough, then use your hands to roll into small balls. See the photo – you don’t want them too big because they’re quite rich, but if they’re too small, they’ll be very difficult to decorate!


All ready to be coated in chocolate!


6. Once all the cookie dough balls have been made, return the trays to the fridge and melt the milk chocolate in a bowl over a pot of hot water on a hob. Leave aside several squares for decorating the balls after.
Note: Melting the chocolate over hot water on a hob is a much easier way to avoid burning the chocolate than putting it into the microwave, but whatever suits yourself. Either way, melt the milk chocolate.
7. Take about half of the cookie dough balls and cover them with chocolate by dipping them into the bowl of melted chocolate and placing back on the tray. Leave sufficient space between each ball to avoid them sticking together!
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 with white chocolate and the remaining cookie dough balls.
9. Once all the balls have been coated with chocolate, you can return them to the fridge while you melt the remaining few squares of milk/white chocolate. These are to decorate the top of each truffle. Take a spoon and dip in the chocolate, then flick over the tray of truffles. If the truffles are coated in white chocolate, then use the milk chocolate to decorate. If the truffles are milk chocolate, then use the white chocolate to top them off!
10. The cookie dough truffles set very quickly, so you’ll be able to eat them very soon after making them. I’ve never really experimented too much with this recipe, but I’ve found that Baileys works well instead of vanilla essence, and dark chocolate gives a more bitter but still delicious alternative for those who like a darker taste.
Sorcha x


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