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Before the exams had finished, we’d joked about taking paints and brushes up Killiney Hill and attempting to recreate the scenery on canvas. I’m in dire need of new art on my walls, and we were all in dire need of random day trips to look forward to once we got over the final year finish line.

Tom painting on Killiney Hill!

Speaking of which, I got my results yesterday – I’m absolutely thrilled with how they worked out. Officially a graduate of the UCD School of Law. Couldn’t be happier! We had a night out to celebrate, but I think the big one will come in September when we finally get to don our finest robes and pick up our degrees in O’ Reilly Hall.

Anyway, having nothing better to do with our Saturday, we drove out to Killiney Hill, brought a picnic and took in the view. Then tried and failed to recreate it. I’ve never been the most artistic, you could say my work is abstract at best, but I’ve never enjoyed scenery painting as much. Especially given this gem that Tom produced – I don’t think I’ve ever been so fond of a childlike reproduction of a photo.

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