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The Peachy exhibition was launched Thursday evening in the Templebar gallery. Tom, Niamh and I decided to go check it out, even though we’d absolutely no idea what the whole project was about, or what it involved. We were thrilled that we did!

My friend Fiona was involved in the event, and so she was the one who tipped us off about it. The whole idea behind the Peachy project revolved around snippets of the thoughts, ideas, hopes and fears of the Dublin public. Peachy placed a box in the city and let people fill it up with anonymous post-its and then artists each took a post-it and turned it into their pieces for the exhibition. It was incredible.
Some were funny, some were quirky, all were very personal and showed the highs and lows of the community.

The venue, the Temple bar Gallery, was the most beautiful airy open space with a balcony that was excellent for socialising and for drinking the lemonade and Canadian beers that were supplied at the launch. The proceeds of the evening all went to Aware – so on top of everything else, the exhibition was for a great cause too.

If anyone has free time over this weekend, I highly recommend you venture into the exhibition. It’s free to go into and a phenomenal amount of work clearly went into all the pieces.

Well done Peachy, you’ve every reason to be very proud of yourselves! Can’t wait to see your next project!

Sorcha x



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