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I’ve decided that I’ve gotten particularly bored with some of my old cardigans and skirts. Nothing particularly fancy – just various basics that seem a tad too dull now for the summer! So I was about to drop some of them down to my local charity shop when I thought that instead I could try at one last attempt to selvedge some of the stuff! Thus I developed the idea of customising them. If it all turns out disastrously, I’ve not really lost much I guess? Anyhu… There’s a shop in town that does the cutest little buttons, ribbons and beads. I’ve never particularly had need to head in there other than when I was doing various sewing projects, but now I’ve my opportunity! So I figure I’ll take a little trip down that way this week, pick up some quirky little accessories and see what I can do with glue, needles and thread…..

As dry as this seems, I’m actually quite excited by my little project! Also, I did visit that charity shop in the end to drop off some things (I couldn’t just leave it after taking the notion in the first place… Would’ve felt like I owed them a good deed!) and I actually ended up picking out an outrageously long blue skirt. I was only drawn to the thing because of the colour – It’s royal blue, which I absolutely love! However, when I say outrageously long, I mean that members of the Amish community have worn shorter skirts. I kid you not. But on the plus side, it has a really nice fit up around my hips and waist, and I’m thinking I could chop it up and add some colourful buttons. I’ll take photos once I get on sorting it out and post it all up here….

I’m still busy unpacking boxes and boxes of things from college, so that’s taking priority at the moment! That and of course the day job – would you like drinks with that? #WaitressingForLife
Though yeah – this weekend I’m pretty much off – I’ll sort it!!

Sorcha x.

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