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I got my first laptop as a gift for finishing my Leaving Cert and getting accepted into UCD. It survived many’s a war too – it had been dropped, swapped, stained, scratched and into the computer shop far more than one laptop probably should be. So yes, it didn’t really come as a surprise when it stopped working mid-lecture last week. I was expecting it. What I wasn’t expecting was the sheer feeling of terror at having four essays and a dissertation to complete sans un ordinateur.
But it’s okay, crisis over, I’ve finally replaced my old friend with a shiny new Toshiba. We’re not on the best of terms at the minute (I’m not the biggest fan of Windows 8) but we’re getting there. I’ve learnt enough to get back to blogging and completing assignments anyway!
But moving on…
Happy Easter everyone!
I hope you’ve all got your chocolate eggs tucked away somewhere safe for tomorrow! I landed home this evening to find that my family had gathered together a little vegan Easter hamper for me, so I’ll be devouring all of its yummy contents at first light tomorrow.
Sadly the rest of the day will be spent working through essays, but at least I’ll have a sugar rush to see me through it.
We found out our final exam timetable last week and since then I’ve realised that the next five weeks are probably going to fly by far faster than I’d like them too. I’ll obviously miss my time here in UCD, but right now I’m more concerned with reaching deadlines and powering through assignments than I am with making the most of my last few weeks here. Come the 13th of May, my last exam and thus my last day as a UCD student, I know I’ll feel a twinge of sadness at having the days of running to lectures and cramming late evenings in the James Joyce library behind me, but then a bigger part of me will probably be relieved to have it all finished too.
To celebrate ending the year, we’ve organised a class trip to Wexford after the exams are over, which I’ll follow swiftly with a trip to Glasgow to visit my friend Paul. Apparently it’s the vegan capital of the UK, so we’re going to have to investigate that. It’ll be a good way to wind down after such an intense few months!
That said, I’ve been finding some lovely ways to wind down mid-term as well. Shauna and I took ourselves off to Glenveagh for a picnic recently and I’ve been discovering a few new walks/climbs around Dublin too! Coupled with plenty of tea sessions and dinner parties to keep us distracted, I think I’ve finally found a happy balance between study and socialising. Of course such a revelation only occurs after 85% of the year is over, but such is life… 😛

A photo from our day in Glenveagh!

I’ve an excellent event lined up for next weekend too, one which I’m super excited for, but it deserves a post all in itself, so I’ll leave you in suspense until next week. Hint? I get to play dress up again, and we all know what a fan I am of that!!

In the mean time, have a wonderful weekend. Apparently the weather is meant to stay lovely, so we should all definitely make the most of that.
Sorcha x


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