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Finally off on midterm! Actually I say that, but really I’ve no idea where the time went since we came back after the Christmas break.
And even though we’ve a fortnight off, realistically I’ll be spending every second of this break catching up on the mountain of essays that I’ve due over the coming weeks. Oh and my dissertation – can’t be forgetting about that!
Anyway, to kick off the break, we decided we’d do a little bit of sightseeing and wanted to make the most of the lovely weather this weekend, so we headed out to Dun Laoghaire. I’ve been out by the pier a few times before, but never actually ticked jumping off the Forty Foot off my to-do list.. until now. We brought along our swimsuits as a ‘just in case’ measure, but genuinely didn’t expect to use them. Then we landed and figured that if we didn’t jump now, it could be an age again before we ever got the opportunity to do it altogether!
So off we went. And unsurprisingly, it was freezing. That said, it was absolutely worth it and I loved doing it! Photos were taken – I knew that I needed proof.
Anyway, it’s been an excellent start to midterm. We finally got an occasion over the weekend to have an outing altogether as a class too – it’d been an age since we were all available for drinks and a catch up (you wouldn’t realise how awfully difficult it is to organise a class of 5 people) and that was lovely too. We’ve plans in the works for summer coming up, which no doubt will fly in, and I’m probably going to head back up home to Donegal at some stage too, so I’ll keep blogging my adventures round the country as they happen.
Have a lovely break everyone!
Sorcha x


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