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After walking past this place many times, I eventually decided to head into the Benefit Boutique which opened about a year ago on South William Street.

For an age I actually just thought it was a make-up shop. I can buy Benefit at home in Letterkenny or even in a few shops around Dublin, so I didn’t really see the big deal. But I didn’t realise that the whole place was a vintage nail bar/salon/tanning/waxing/make-up studio. I was super impressed when I walked in! I’m a huge fan of Benefit, I’ve already talked about the wonders of some of their products, (here and here) but going into the Benefit Boutique is a whole new pampering experience in itself! On my first visit, I landed a little early, so the Benefit ladies spent some time showing me all the different products and allowing me to test out various creams and moisturisers while I waited. There was also a large supply of Lindt chocolate present in the Boutique – not that I could have any, but it was like they’d thought of everything to make a person feel pampered in the place.

They’re make-up miracle workers.

My first trip was to get my eyebrows and make-up done, a little treat I decided that I deserved. The problem was, I loved the place so much that I’ve been lining up the Benefit treats since. The brand does have a reputation for being expensive, and on my visits I’ve definitely spent a lot of time just eyeing up their glass cabinets full of lovely make-up products, but the salon itself is absolutely value for money. They even offer complimentary ‘make-uppers’ so you can try out their products and look excellent for free before a night out. That’s what I did today – I went for brunch with the gang (more on that later) and treated myself to a little make-over in the Benefit Boutique.

See the results above! The Benefit ladies take everything you say on board too – I’m not one for heavy eye shadow or caked on make-up, so when I said ‘subtle’ they showed me loads of little tricks and tips to make it look like I was barely wearing any make-up at all. That said, I  have about ten different products on my face in the photo above. Go figure.

So many pretty things…. *sighs* I just want it all.

Aside from the make-up, their nail bar and blow dry bar are also incredible, even just to look at. They’ve walls full of colours of nail varnish and framed photos with various hair styles you can try out while there. Since the weather has been so awful recently, I thought it best to avoid the blow dry bar, but my next trip will definitely be to get my nails done! I’m taking in the Boutique bit by bit.

I think the best part of the Benefit Boutique is just being able to sit back and try out all the make-up products in the presence of someone who really knows what they’re talking about. I loved being shown how to properly contour, how to shape my eyebrows, how to cover up blemishes and still not look like I’m wearing layers of foundation. I’m usually one of these people who pop into Boots and play make-up roulette – sometimes my foundations work out, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I know what works with my skin tone, sometimes I get it completely wrong and waste a fortune in the process. To err is human, to waste a lot of money on ridiculously expensive and unwearable make-up is simply a given.
Well… no more. I’ve a wish list of Benefit products lined up and I’ve decided that I’ll slowly but surely start adding them all to my make-up bag before the year is out.
For anyone interested, I’ve copied their price list below. Again, it’s a place you go for a treat, but I’m absolutely sold. As you leave the Boutique, turn Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ on your Ipod and take your gorgeous new self off to get a large frothy coffee. You’ll look and feel amazing, and yes, you absolutely deserve it.
Sorcha x


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