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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

This year I spent the day a little differently. Initially the plan involved a picnic in the Phoenix park, but instead I found myself digging up old potatoes and onions in the Pearse College Allotments in Crumlin.

I’ve no idea what vegetables are planned for the plots we dug up, but given the trojan amount of work that went into uprooting all the weeds, I’m expecting only the finest of results. I’ve even sacrificed my beloved boots for the cause, although in fairness, they were on the way out for a while now.

The allotments were a surprisingly great way to spend today and even though I didn’t get my romantic walk around the Phoenix Park, I have zero regrets. There were such interesting people out working on their plots and I got the opportunity to walk around the place and see how the other gardeners used old recycled materials to make the most wonderful of vegetable patches. It reminded me of a very toned down, stripped away Bloom Festival, minus the frills and exceptionally crafted gardens. Basically all that was similar were the presence of seeds, soil and people with a passion for both.

One day, this is what the plot could look like…


I played the obligatory game of ‘guess the green’ too, but I quickly realised that most vegetables are rather unidentifiable until you pull them out of the ground. The supermarket veg aisle simply doesn’t do it justice.
Anyway… I came home covered in dirt with a sore back and a new appreciation for the effort that goes into producing all the ingredients for a decent vegetable soup. I can now completely see the appeal in growing your own food too – I just think it might take a little bit more time than I really have this year. However, it made for an excellent study break, and it has left me with plenty of ideas for new hobbies with the garden once I have time again. We already have a little apple tree outside, maybe a few strawberries wouldn’t be the worst project in the world? I already have coriander and basil growing in the kitchen (just about), so if anything, its only a little step up.

Or not. I’ll start with a few seeds. Best not get ahead of myself completely.
Sorcha x


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