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It absolutely goes without saying that the law ball of 2015 will go down as one of the highlights of my time in UCD. We fully intended to make the most of it, it was our last ball altogether after all, but everything just fell so perfectly into place on the evening – we genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better night out.
The venue, the food (I had a special vegan menu!), the copious amount of wine, the photo booth and sweet shop set up..they had thought of everything. The music gets a mention all of its own too – from the quartet at dinner to the band and DJ set afterwards, it was excellent. Picture Vitamin String Quartet meets Aretha Franklin meets Pharrell Williams. Okay, maybe that’s a little too hard to imagine, but basically they had it all.
And you know that I always like a good excuse for formal attire. Frankly I encourage anything that will pencil more ball gown and bow tie occasions into the calendar. The law ball didn’t disappoint. Everyone went above and beyond, see the photos – I’m friends with incredibly glamorous people.

I think the night was so important for us because we know that we won’t have many more occasions quite like it. The next formal outing as a group will almost certainly be our final year dinner, and thereafter our graduation. Our UCD events are numbered, and as much as I hate seeing them draw to a close, I’m not even remotely worried that I might leave behind the Law with French law class when my time in UCD comes to an end. It simply just won’t happen.

This exceptional group of people – Karen, Daire, Georgina, Rob – they’re stuck with me now for life. We joked at dinner that surviving our degree created a bond similar to veterans surviving a war together, and although far from as extreme, it’s not a million miles away from the truth. We had our fair share of meltdowns and struggles, successes and victories, but in the end we got through it all as a group.

When I first started out my degree, I told the guys that I refused to be competitive given how small a class we were. We either succeeded as a group, or not at all. And we’ve stuck to that through and through.

Anyway before this post gets a little too sentimental, I’d better finish up. It was such a wonderful night, spent with such wonderful people. I’m so glad that we took the sheer amount of photos that we did too because they will undoubtedly take pride of place on my mantle place forever more. No matter how far we go in our law careers, there’ll always be the night we drank champagne and made Cards Against Humanity seem worthy of Vogue.

See? So Vogue. Much wow.

Sorcha x


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