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This week was dedicated to making the most of the remainder of my free time before reality kicks in again. I’ve about a week until I head into my final term in UCD (scary thought) and I’ve been trying to squeeze every last bit of enjoyment I can out of the break before it ends.
So here’s a few highlights from things that made me happy this week:
1. Games Night: Over the break I’ve regained my love for board games, so when the opportunity arose for a few of us to get together and play the classics, I jumped at the chance. Uno, Monopoly, Guess Who, Scrabble, Articulate (my favourite)… it was great. And there’s no reality check as severe as watching your long term bestie send you to Jail or screw you over with a 4+ card in Uno. Those games can be so ruthless.
2. Visiting the Iveagh Gardens: I absolutely love these gardens, but because they’re a little out of the way, I don’t often get the chance to visit them. But since I currently have no responsibilities and plenty of time on my hands, I wasn’t going to miss out. The weather has been awful, but I wrapped up well and brought my trusted umbrella. I loved it.

3. Sova Food Vegan Butcher: So I survived  my first vegan Christmas and, since I’m just a huge fan of treating myself, I decided to dine at the Sova Food Vegan Butcher’s pop-up restaurant this month! Hosted by the Paris Wine Bar (I know, the whole thing couldn’t be any more up my street), the pop-up restaurant menu is put up online a few days before the event itself. I’ve posted an image of this month’s menu to this post so you can check out what we had, but basically it’s a delicious three course meal for €13. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxed, the music and candles assure as much, and the whole experience revolves around taking time to enjoy the food and the people you’re sharing it with. The only

Tofu steak! So yum. 

downside to this is that our meal lasted for over 3 hours, so if you intend on visiting the restaurant (which I strongly recommend) you need to set aside quite a bit of time for it. Oh and make sure you’re not starving by the time you land in – you’re guaranteed quite a wait. Still, that just means plenty of time for enjoying the wine and catching up with everyone! Also, before I forget, don’t overdo it on tofu. Tom and I both had tofu for starter and again for main course and well… there’s only so much a person should really have in one meal. We were all tofued out by the end of it and after tasting the Bushido dish, Iknew I’d made a grave mistake. Still, there’s always next time.

4. SpunOut plans: This week also meant catching up with SpunOut and sorting out plans for 2015! There are so many campaigns and projects coming up – there’s at least three or four per month as far as I could count – so that’ll keep us busy for the year. And it was so lovely to see everyone again after the break! Board meetings, Action Panel meetings and a mini mix of both. I haven’t quite figured out which campaigns I’m going to throw myself fully behind yet, as always final year means that I have to pick and choose, but there’s some excellent projects coming up around getting fit and healthy and I’ve my half marathon to keep working towards anyway, so that might be a good fit!

5. Catching up with cousins: I had the loveliest time during the week having impromptu drinks with some of my cousins in Dublin. It had been such a long time since I’d had a chance to sit back and catch up with the guys from Cork – mainly because our schedules are all so busy and finding the time to actually meet for a catch up is a lot easier said than done given everyone’s commitments. Still, we had drinks, we discussed upcoming engagement/hen party/wedding plans and we swapped new years diet plans. I’m a little tempted to start morning veggie smoothies, my cousin swears by them, but I’m just a little suspicious of having spinach and kale for breakfast… I’ll experiment, but that’s the height of any promises I’ll be making.
6. BT Young Scientist: Never have I felt as repeatedly inferior as I did in the RDS at the BT Young Scientist. There were some incredible projects being showcased. At one point, Conor, Tom and I spoke to a 15 year old Jr Cert student who had a project based on some area of physics that the guys were currently studying at college. That’s impressive enough, but keep in mind that both Conor and Tom are FINAL year chemical engineering students. Obviously the whole thing went over my head, but they were suitably in awe.

Oh and Conor and I had the chance to operate on a toy dog. See the photo below. Safe to say both of us realised that day the many many reasons why we weren’t cut out to be a vet. But we enjoyed playing at it. It was essentially like Operation (perhaps one of the only games I didn’t play at Christmas) only no beeps when you accidentally removed all the internal organs of the teddy.

7. My trip to the National Art Gallery: This doesn’t even need explaining. I love the gallery, I love having time to myself to walk around it and even though I know very little about art, anybody can see just how incredible the likes of Jack B Yeats and Gerard Dillon are. They’re very much my favourites.

8. Cocktails with roomies: Michelle and I were home together and decided that, for no reason at all, we deserved a cocktail evening in town. We’re really loving The Globe this year. It’s becoming our haunt for 2014/2015.

Saw this at the National Art Gallery. So much yes.

9. Dress shopping: I know the law ball is a little bit off yet, but I’m super excited for it. I stumbled across the most excellent dress for it too – I was shopping today in town, saw it, loved it, bought it and remained very happy for the remainder of the day. I’m not giving any details away about it yet – I’ll leave that until the ball itself.

10. Cosy nights in: Everyone at this stage knows I got a kimono for Christmas. And everyone knows I love baking desserts. Combine both of those facts with a nice big fire, scented candles, fairy lights, face masks and hand scrubs, good books/films and a little bit of background music, and you’ve got an excellent idea of how I’ve spent my evenings over this past month. I need to try and find more time once the semester starts up again to keep this practice up, because it’s adding so much happiness to my life these days!

So that’s my highlights from this past while. I’m doing a lot of travelling with my last week of freedom, I’m going back to Dublin on Wednesday and then Cork on Friday for the weekend! I’ll post photos of it all – I can’t wait to go back to Cork, but as always, I’ll keep you posted.

Sorcha x



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