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 Happy new year everyone!!
I’ve pretty much spent the entire break eating, lounging about and catching up with friends. It’s been amazing.  Now I’m heading back up to Dublin tomorrow for my own little week of exploring around the capital and I’ll absolutely be blogging my reviews. I haven’t had a chance in a very long time to ramble about the city and take in all the galleries and sights, so I’m going to play at being a tourist in my home away from home for a few days. Conor, Tom and I also have a plan to head to Glendalough a day and I’ve only ever been there once before so I can’t wait for that! That and a few coffee dates with some lovely folk currently back home from Paris. 2015 is getting off to an excellent start!
There isn’t much news to report from the break bar all that I mentioned above. I’ve been such a foodie since coming home and I’m bringing as many baking utensils with me in the car tomorrow as I can since I’ve all my new cookbooks to work through over the next few months! I’ve also had a chance to touch base with a lot of my relatives, people I never really get to see except at this time of the year. My cousins, my grandfather, my aunts and uncles… it’s one of the loveliest parts of Christmas. I’ve had such a pleasant finish to 2014, something which helped me completely forget all the stress from the past few months. And when I think of how much was actually packed into 2014 – Paris, Brussels, study, new committees and editorials… it’s been hard work, but great nonetheless.
I hope every last one of you excellent people have a successful and happy 2015. Mainly happy. That’s key.

I’ll be back with real findings and adventures soon!

Sorcha x


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