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I’ve completely abandoned this blog recently and I do regret that, I absolutely love writing in this, but I really can’t find the time at the minute.

Final year has completely taken over and with exams a mere two weeks away, I’d say the next time that I’ll have a chance to post in this will be once the exams are all finished. My life essentially revolves around the library and digesting books… but in 24 days, I’ll be done. Trust me, I’m counting down the days. Christmas will be amazing this year and it really can’t come soon enough! I think I’ll have to go into hibernation for a while just to recover from exam mode. Then the Christmas markets near Stephen’s Green will certainly be hit – I’ve been eyeing them up from the bus in and out of town. I believe there’s mulled wine somewhere with my name on it resting until once the 17th of December comes around…
Basically, I haven’t completely disappeared. I’m alive, I’ve just had my life paused until the books can be put down. And once the exams are over, I’ll come straight back and fill you in on everything. Until then, this post is the best that I can do I’m afraid!
So yes, As Told By Sorcha is on a brief hiatus.
But I will be back. I promise. In the mean time, enjoy the lovely photo of Karen and I walking to the library in the fog last week! Final year hasn’t broken us yet, nor have we any intention of letting it.
Sorcha x


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