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Every single Wednesday without fail I land to my Global Justice lecture at 11:55am on the dot. And every Wednesday, without fail, I realise that it doesn’t start until 1pm. I literally have no idea how I manage it. Impressive really. But regardless, here I am, outside theatre Q with time on my hands. Perfect for fitting in a spot of blogging!
News wise, it’s week 8 and I’m beginning to see light at the end of the assignments tunnel. I felt completely swamped there for a few weeks, a lot of intense library sessions were had, but now things are beginning to slot right back into place and I’m able to relax a bit. Such a relief really, everyone whose been around me this past fortnight has seen how intensely stressed I’ve been. I’ve promised to fix it though – starting with this weekend!
For the first time since moving up last August, I managed to find a bit of time to head back home for a few days. Between Dearbhaile’s graduation and long overdue catch-ups, I couldn’t wait. I got to spend an excellent afternoon hanging out with my beautiful little godchild Aoibhe, I had a night out with my friends from home, I made it back to Dublin in time for a family reunion and I even managed to fit in a delicious lunch out with mum in the Moonshine Cafe in Letterkenny.
You all know I’m a massive foodie (and I’ve more recipes to put up when I get a chance) but this cafe was incredible. I’d been looking forward to heading there for a while and since mum is a regular, we took ourselves off Saturday afternoon to the place. Martin Anderson, the chef in charge of such an excellent establishment, was beyond lovely to us – if one wants a homely feel in a cafe, then this is definitely the place. It’s definitely rocketed up to my favourite eatery in Letterkenny, and I’ll be heading right back there next time I’m home. I had so much to eat at the place that I genuinely couldn’t eat for the rest of the day. Although I did buy some of their vegan snacks before leaving (don’t get me started on the cakes. I saw a red velvet cake that looked like something straight out of the Great British Bake Off) and they proceeded to keep me happily sugar loaded for the rest of the evening.
  Aside from epic food outings, I think I mainly enjoyed having a chance to relax for the first time in weeks. It just felt like everything came at once, but then again that’s final year in a nutshell. The library is very much my second home still, but I’m learning to make the most of my time out of it – Monday evening I had the loveliest trip to the Vintage Cocktail Club in Templebar and yesterday evening I went on a bit of a baking spree back at the house.
The next big thing now is Halloween and discussions have turned completely to what we’re going to dress up as. Last year (go back a few posts) we all got together in Paris and made a joint effort at costumes and became the Spice Girls for the occasion. This year, since Karen will be in Paris and Georgina in Galway, I’m all on my lonesome for costume ideas! Although I do have a rather elaborate idea, it just depends on whether or not I’ll find the time to put it together. I’ll post photos if I manage to pull it off! Otherwise assume I failed miserably and just went as a witch for the millionth year running.

In the mean time, here’s a snap of Aoibhe and I attempting to throw together some costumes! I’m not sure what look she was going for, I clearly said witches, but she’s cute enough to get away with it.

Anyway.. Have a lovely week everyone!
Sorcha x


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