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Just a super quick post on our mid-week activities!
These past few days Karen, Daisy, Austin and I spent our evenings trawling through a mergers and acquisition case study for an inter society competition between the Student Legal Service and the Investors and Entrepreneurs Society. We had absolutely no idea what we were getting into… But it was an excellent evening nonetheless.
There was one slight hiccup in an otherwise flawless presentation however. I somehow managed to wind up spending my Tuesday evening researching all sorts of ratios and charts to figure out a way of valuing a company.
It was an ordeal. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how we were meant to come to any true valuation of a company without any idea of the volume of shares. To cut a long story short, it turned out that a few details had been left out of the case study by accident and I really needn’t have gone to such stress.
Should’ve guessed as much, but in my panic to gather ratios it didn’t even dawn on me that such could occur. I ended up trying to compare the stock of every major online betting company in the UK and well… we’ll not get into it. I got very little sleep. Enough said.
Still, I consider myself an amateur financial analyst now so if anyone is considering merging or investing in stock, please do feel free to get in contact. I know specifically and almost solely about the online betting industry. Thereafter, I’m useless.
Aside from that, we really did love the whole “suiting up to make presentations” aspect of the M&A evening. That and the post-presentations reception. Austin deserves a special mention here for looking so incredibly sharp for the occasion –  see the photo below for immediate and indisputable proof.

Sorcha x


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