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Again, these posts don’t happen as often as they should, and I do apologise, but here’s a list of ten things that made me happy this week!

1. Meeting up with my dad: Dad is currently home for a week and as I hadn’t seen him in months, it made our catch up in town all the sweeter. I’ve been absolutely swamped with work so I couldn’t head home for the weekend but instead dad came and spent an evening with me in Dublin! It was lovely to be able to head in and have dinner together and sit out with blankets in Templebar – I’d forgotten how charming that place can be when there’s music and warmth and excellent company.

2. Veggie burgers: Go to Gourmet Burger Kitchen, get the Kumara which is part of their new menu. You will regret nothing. I’ve since bought butternut squash and sweet potatoes in the hopes that I can somehow make my own home-made version, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

3. Shopping trips: Wednesday evening I took myself off to Dundrum to buy a few bits. Winter is coming… and I seem to have a permanent summer wardrobe. I’ve gotten a few big jumpers for the weather, though given the fickle nature of the Irish weather, I’ve been stuck between sweltering and freezing, no middle ground. Obviously I love how nice it’s been of late, but I wish I didn’t have to permanently bring an umbrella, scarf, t-shirt and raincoat around with me!

4. Film nights: Claire and I have gotten into the habit of treating ourselves to movie nights when we’re stressed and/or tired after a day of work. Chocolate, pizza, popcorn and Netflix. It does wonder for stress relief, nothing for this healthy eating binge we’re meant to be on. Claire’s gotten another birthday cake in the kitchen now too and Hannah brought home cupcakes. Looks like we’re in for another bad week so!

5. Autumn in Stephen’s Green: This morning I had the loveliest walk around Stephen’s Green. The weather was in one of it’s happier moods and the place was full of families out for strolls and people reading the Sunday papers. After breakfast in the Metro cafe (I’d never been before but they do the loveliest granola bars and yoghurt) a stroll around Stephen’s Green felt like an ideal way to spend a Sunday morning. The trees were fully embracing the new season – leaves of all colours were everywhere. I don’t think anyone ever really grows out of enjoying the crunch of autumn leaves in parks. I loved it. It was also an excellent day for people-watching too, but that’s a permanent past time of mine.

6. Vegan fudge: So Conor tried to mock my new-found veganism. Oh I forgot to mention that – I’m trying out the vegan ways for a while! I’ve been leaning towards vegetarianism for a while now, and I decided I might try the harder approach for a few weeks as a baptism by fire introduction! I figured that being a vegetarian will seem easy once I’ve gone all out with the vegan life… but I’ll keep you posted. Anyway the point is, Conor tried to bring fudge over to the house in the knowledge that I love it and can’t have it. But in response to this, I made vegan fudge from coconut milk and it turned out to be absolutely delicious! So that was a massive win. It’s in the fridge at the minute, but I’ll take some nice photos and post up the recipe soon.

7. Stock Design: In my city wanderings I also ventured into Stock Design, a shop full of kitchen and baking utensils near Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. I’d passed it a thousand times on my way to Accents, etc but never actually went in. It has the nicest selection of cups and cake decorating accessories and icing in absolutely every colour. When I have my own house some day I’ll head straight in and buy the place out of everything! They had adorable aprons too, and I definitely need a new one. Or at least I do now.

8. Skyping sessions: The law school is as good as empty on Saturday afternoons, so the comfy chairs upstairs make the perfect setting for Skype sessions. I had the loveliest catch up with Paul and it definitely makes it into the top ten things that made me happy this week!

9. Handing up essays: I feel absolutely swamped at the minute with essays and presentations due, so every one handed up makes a huge difference to my mood. One down, four to go! It was actually one which I really enjoyed working on, which makes the battle against essay writing significantly easier. The right to privacy and media law can be such a scandalous area to delve into…

10. Angelina Hot Chocolate: When dad met up with me during the week, he brought the sweetest (literally) surprise from Paris – hot chocolate from Chez Angelina! I was thrilled. I used to treat myself to hot chocolate in their cafe in the Luxembourg Gardens when I felt that I deserved an extra special cup of sugary goodness so it felt like a little reminder of my time in Paris in my new home here in Dublin. I’ve yet to make a cup of it here though – there’s only enough for 5 cups given the richness of the hot chocolate, so I’ve saving them for extra special occasions. No doubt the exams will be ideal for them! Plus I’m not so sure how they’d taste with soya milk, so I’ll wait til I’m back on dairy products..

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