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Working the SLS stand during Freshers’ Week!

It’s a sad state of affairs when a person finds themselves having to get up and into college an hour earlier than planned to fit in a bit of blogging. I know, I’ve become THAT person.

Well, I’m here now comfortably sitting in the law school with my muffin and hot chocolate (courtesy of Insomnia downstairs) and I’m going to blog about starting final year while I still have the chance!

So I’ve been back in UCD now for three weeks and I guess I can’t really claim to still be “settling in” to final year. The initial shock of starting my last year at college (and having it worth 100%) has calmed a bit and I’ve actually started to enjoy being back in the swing of things.

Yes, obviously we’re panicking about the sheer volume of work we’ve to get through, but that’s a given. And once you accept that the library is your new home for the year, it really isn’t too bad. Work hard, play hard right? I think that’s another aspect to final year I’m beginning to enjoy – making loads of lovely plans as mini rewards for studying. So far there’s been house-warmings, pizza nights, quizzes and wine evenings. Oh and the match on Sunday, but the less we mention about that the better.

Donegal ábu 2014 2015.

Study wise, my Law with French law class has decided that since we’ve come this far together, we’re getting through the last hurdle of our degree together. We’ve formed a weekly study group so that we’ll keep on top of things. So far so good too – the modules seem so much less daunting when we’re in it together. Mainly Equity. Equity is going to be our mountain this year, and we’ve slowly but surely started our ascent.

Another interesting aspect to starting back into final year is my French law module this term. Ever since first year we’ve been dreading the moment of being in French Legal Theory alone without our Frenchies to answer all the tough questions for us. We were expecting French Legal Theory to be the death of us since every French support we had seems to have stayed over in France.

But then, by some wonderful miracle, it turns out that the module revolves more around discussion between the five of us, where we swap thoughts with the lecturer on everything from the notion of liberty to the quest for justice.

I guess we were dreading it so much because we’d already had the lecturer in first year and didn’t understand a thing. We didn’t factor in that after Paris, French would no longer be the issue it once was, so FINALLY we can say that we’re enjoying French law and not hoping for divine intervention to get us through it. And in a way, that makes me incredibly proud of how far we’ve come.

To be able to sit in the same class with the same lecturer and understand everything when you once hadn’t even the faintest of clues… well it’s huge. Scroll back four years ago through these posts and I’m sure you’ll find some sort of mention of how stressed we were in first year because we didn’t understand a thing. The goal was always to reach the standard of French that we now have and I guess I’m just delighted with finally being able to see the results from all our hard work.

Aside from law modules and settling in, the Student Legal Service has also kicked off now that Freshers’ Week is over. We’ve more members this year than ever before. I’m looking forward to launching into the work and getting started on the SLS Annual Publication.

So many plans, so little time.

Anyway, I’ve my Equity lecture to attend.

Chat soon,

Sorcha x.

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