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I’m finally back posting again!

Between moving backup to Dublin, settling in, starting into lectures and actually getting internet into our new home, I just wasn’t able to post anything up on this until now.
But I’ll fix all that with this post.
News in brief:
  • Claire and I have moved into our wonderful new house in Kilmacud. I don’t know how we managed to find a place so ideal – it’s very us. It’s even got a big garden outside with the cutest little apple tree. We’ve plans to have as many barbecue parties as possible before leaving, so rest assured we’ll make the most of it!
  • I also received some good news recently – I’m the new UCD Brand Ambassador for A&L Goodbody. I really enjoyed my time interning with the firm and I’m delighted to have the chance to work for them again. It also gives me an excellent excuse to throw myself right back into the centre of campus life in UCD which I’m especially pleased about.
  • I’ve started back into final year. Scary thought. We had spent years talking about the time when half my class (yes, we still consider the Maitrise folk to be our missing half) would stay on in France and we’d be in UCD alone. Two days ago we sat in our first French Legal Theory class of the year. There were just the five of us – George, Karen, Rob, Daire and myself – and as happy as we were to be back, our friends in Paris were missed. No doubt they’ll have a wonderful last year too in the city of lights though!
  • I’m enjoying the little things that come with being back in Dublin. The weather has been a huge help with that! I’ve made the most of sitting in parks and lakes around the city. I’ve also finally gotten to see the inside of the Sutherland School of Law. It’s incredible. Definitely lucky that I’ve my last year in college in it – everything is so modern and shiny! I do wonder how eerily quiet Roebuck must be now, but the mini commute back to campus won’t be missed.
  • More good news that I forgot to mention – I’ve been elected to the Board of Directors of We had our first meeting last week and I was absolutely over the moon when I found out that I’d been picked for the position. SpunOut is an organisation that I care very much about, so to be able to take up such a central role in it is a huge deal for me. Here’s looking forward to the next two years!
  • The Student Legal Service in UCD has also started back up properly and we’ve had our first committee meeting. We also had our first postering session – I had to get up at about 6:30am just to make sure I’d be in on time! But mission accomplished. Thankfully we don’t have to poster every week, so that’s a plus at least…
  • Isobel, Claire and I attended “The Happenings” in Merrion Square. It’s an excellent outdoor cinema that plays films in the square after darkness. We absolutely loved it. But of course we would, it had our names written all over it. Apparently they’re going to try and run the event until the weather gets too cold – we’ll be regulars yet!
Aside from all that, I’m just finding my feet again really. It’s been so lovely to see all my old friends again and to be frequently welcomed home from people I’ve been meeting all over campus. It does feel so good to be back. Things have changed so much since I left UCD well over a year ago (the new law school, the new lakes, the new student bar… even looking up cases has been a task as the databases have been updated). The whole place has just gone and upgraded itself. I spoke previously of how I was returning to final year as Sorcha Version 2.0 but now that I’ve landed, I’ve discovered that UCD had the same idea.
I’m beginning my year in UCD Law School Version 2.0.
Can’t wait.
Sorcha x


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