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About a fortnight ago I was walking into town when I stumbled across the most amazing, most colourful, most eccentric parade I’d ever seen. It took me a couple of seconds before I realised what I was seeing. In fact, it took a giant inflatable super bunny wearing a rainbow coloured cape before I realised what I was witnessing… and it was epic.
If you ever, EVER want a street party like no other, get yourself to Pride. Specifically Dublin Pride. It’s everything St Patrick’s Day should be, with dancing spectators and participants alike, and instead of cheap leprechaun outfits, people get wonderfully creative with their costume ideas – one man I saw had turned himself into Angelina Jolie’s character double from Maleficent. It was an excellent day for the parade, the sun was out and everyone had sunglasses, so I’ve no doubt the man (dressed entirely in black with several layers on) suffered for his art. I hope it was worth it – I certainly appreciated his efforts!
So as soon as I landed into town, I followed the parade to Merrion Square and met my friend Kevin who’d come up to Dublin for the day. It had been an age since I saw him so I was thrilled to get such a great day together. We ended up grabbing lunch together and sussing out various people’s costumes, followed by a lovely catch up over drinks back at the place he was staying. I also got the chance to meet some of Kevin’s friends who had come up for Pride too, and we ended up having an excellent conversation about cocktails and Ru Paul’s Drag Race. It’s like America’s Next Top Model only for drag queens… what wasn’t to love? (Yes, I’ve started watching the series on Netflix and yes, I’m quickly becoming hooked).
I think my favourite part about Pride (and something which I didn’t notice until Kevin pointed it out) was just how many more people felt comfortable holding hands with their significant other in public without fear of being judged for being in a same-sex relationship. It genuinely wasn’t something which would ever have dawned on me had Kevin not pointed it out.. then again, it’s probably the one time of the year where every second couple you meet in the street is gay, so that might add to it too! Well, in brief, I absolutely loved the day. I had so much fun just soaking in the atmosphere of the parade and the parties in general. Another benefit it has over St Patrick’s day – people were just out to celebrate, not solely looking for an excuse to drink too much too early. Everyone was so happy, even the Gardai providing security at the events.  Next year, I’m definitely going to be there again if I can. Everyone who can go should. It’s been one of my summer highlights.

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