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Rebecca’s desk is empty, Lia’s is too. If Orla hadn’t come back we’d probably have demanded a trade of some sort just to keep numbers up. Our mighty intern team of 22 has knocked down to 20, but we’re still hanging on in there for another week. No goodbyes til after the drinks reception on Thursday – that’s the send-off. No sooner.


So the last Monday of the internship is almost over and we’re all finished up with our intern projects. We’ve presented, we’ve summarised, we’ve tag rugbyed and we’ve cooked a mean Lamb Kafta – have we passed the test yet?


I think every last one of us feels bittersweet about finishing up this internship. It may only have been a brief month-long stint here in the firm, but it’s been excellent. We’ve all grown so accustomed to the office now that the whir of printers and keyboards is a sound of comfort, not of dread. The morning presentations are unquestionably followed by tea breaks. The deli crew know our names and orders off by heart. We’ve finally installed ourselves happily in the firm and now in four days, we’ll have to uninstall all over again, only this time the IT desk won’t get a look in. Probably for the best really, I’d say they need a well earned rest before July’s interns land in.


I’ve been spending today finishing off little projects left over from last week and proof-reading some documents for the Competition law department. I won’t miss the printers nor constantly searching for stationary, but I’ll definitely miss the office. Everyone here helped me slot right into place and I have to be the luckiest intern to claim not just one but two buddies – Jolene and Jessica. They’ve been great. There is literally no problem too small or too ridiculous for them – even if I’m pestering them with questions about appellants and mixed up parties (genuinely, I couldn’t tell who was who at one point in a case….)


I’ll write a lovely long send off to the Competition department before the week is out, but I’m tired and getting nostalgic and just seem to be rambling, so I’ll finish up here.



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