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If you look back far enough you’ll find my post about last year’s Body and Soul festival and how much I loved it. Well, this year Eoin and I (as well as our friends Liz and Sarah) decided to make a day trip and catch the end of this year’s festival.
It was every bit as chilled and decorative as it had been before only this time there were a few new installations about the place. The hot tubs had also been moved aside for saunas… Not sure so approved so much of that, but overall I loved the new art pieces dotted about! The old comedy shack had been converted to a jam stall too – An interesting development, but I preferred seeing the comedy acts. Steve Bennett, a comedian we camped beside last year, was playing again this year too. We missed his acts sadly (no Sunday show. We checked.) but I’ve absolutely no doubt that he brought the house down. We’ll make it to the show next year I’m sure.

We spent the day wandering about the forest and sitting in on various talks and acts, followed swiftly by a quick visit to many of the glorious food stalls in the place. Eoin and Liz found themselves captivated by a giant Jenga game near the bonfire in the Walled Gardens and although a well played match, Eoin lost twice (it was a tad awkward really. I quote before the tower fell: “But Sorcha, you don’t understand – I don’t lose”).

We also found time to drink juices and prosecco and enjoy the wonderful sunshine as it was out. It was perfect festival weather and better again, a perfect summer chilled atmosphere.
I don’t think Body and Soul will ever fail to live up to my expectations, so expect a Take III post after I book my tickets for next year. The midnight circus, the face paint, the large gathering of curiously dressed people… What’s not to love?

Sorcha x


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