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These past few days I’ve had the constant feeling of a child playing dress up. I land into the office, open up my emails, re-record my voicemail (remembering at least three passwords in the process) and half attempt to be subtle in changing into heels. Sure, I’ve got this professional life sorted. Then I’m giving my first task and well… the rest of my act quickly shatters. I feel oddly attached to my name badge now too – I feel like it’s my intern shield. As long as I wear it, everyone will know I’m new. New and naive. New and inexperienced. New and (most importantly) therefore lacking in all responsibility for the many mini disasters that somehow pile up throughout the day. Yesterday I scanned a document six times before getting it to a printable quality. Not kidding – check out intern folder. I claim full ownership of all those copies of the “Administrative Sanction Procedure” resting there. Told you.

Still, now I know how it’s done. The same can be said for printing, binding, searching matter numbers and proof-reading. So really it’s all progress. Slow and steady of course, but I’m getting there.

My main task at the minute has involved reading through various acts and preparing dawn raid packs for the Competition department. I basically do a stock check on the bags and make sure every member of the team has everything they need in the event of being called to a dawn raid. Anyone interested in knowing what makes the cut? I’ve been collecting notepads, voice recorders, batteries, pens, USBs, post-its, copies of the ECHR, staplers, paper clips, folders, blank CD-Roms…. the list is more than enough to keep me busy for a while anyway. I’ve been treating it like an elaborate A&L shopping trip, where trips to the printing desk and the various stationary suppliers are just extra errands to throw into my dawn raid trolley.

Aside from that, I’ve been able to sit in on meetings with the team and hear summaries of all the cases each of the partners are up to. It’s been a great way of getting little insights and touching base with all the work going on in the department here.

Before I finish this up (yet again I’m rushing off to training – yesterday I learnt that the smart ones break down cases for clients, not build them up) and today I’ll be learning all about the IP/IT unit. I’ll let you know how it all goes!


PS) I’ve signed up to play tag rugby despite not having played it since PE back in school. I heard Brian got a nasty cut just last week in training….This could very well end in complete disaster.


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