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(Note: I’ve been keeping an intern blog in the firm itself, but I’m going to post the same lot up here too! This means that the next few posts will be a little back dated…)

I’ve a little time spare before lunch and since I’ve already thoroughly dissected the menu on show in the Intranet homepage, I decided I’d write up my first post about my internship!

And I know you’re all wondering, so I’ll save the suspense and just get it out in the open now – I’m almost definitely going for the lasagne. Nothing can be confirmed for another twenty minutes or so though, so I’ll keep you posted.

It’s Day 4 of the internship and even though it’s still early days, I’ve realised that there’s a lot to working in the legal world that I really didn’t know about. I genuinely thought that at the fine age of 22, I’d mastered the art of sending emails, recording voicemails and writing basic word docs. It turns out I know next to nothing – NOTHING – about any of these things. I’ve already rang the help desk twice and if I’m being completely honest, I’m seriously contemplating putting them on speed dial, ironically I just can’t figure out how.

I’ve also had a few other insightful intern realisations:

  1. Coffee is key. No day/meeting/meal/break/presentation/general desk work/<insert daunting legal task> starts nor ends without it. Thankfully there are many machines within the building, so a person doesn’t have to venture too far to get their fix.
  2. Notepads and pens are your best friend. I don’t leave the desk without them – not that I can read all the scribbles and random passwords/extension numbers I’ve written, but it’s a security having them there at all times anyway.
  3. Always bring your ID card with you. ALWAYS. A few of the trainees joked about people getting caught in the stairwell because of it. This is not a laughing matter and if it’s to happen to any intern, you will absolutely be that person.

That’s all for now – I’ve a lasagne to try out!



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