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I’ve been keeping incredibly busy (in the best way possible) with my internship over the past fortnight and haven’t been able to come on and write anything in this because of it! We’ve an inter-firm blog that I’ve been writing in and the moment I figure out a way to transfer my ramblings from there to here, I absolutely will. But for now I’ll just say that I’m loving it. There’s a lot of research, reviewing and case summaries involved with being an intern, but it’s an excellent way to absorb the work of the firm, and when you’ve only a few weeks in the place, you’ve to try and soak up as much experience as possible. I was lucky with my timing as well – the firm summer BBQ was on last night and all the interns got to attend! I took part in a tag rugby tournament for the first time since PE of secondary school and ended up playing for both the Property dept (I’m in Competition) and the Belfast firm (I’m very much in Dublin) but it was excellent!! I’m covered in bandages now of course, but that’s aside the point.
The BBQ was a great way to meet all the solicitors I normally work with minus the workload and suits, and all the intern/trainees attended, so the night was always set to be a good one. The free bar, the stacks of delicious food, the ice cream van (I know. I appreciated it.) and the DJ all just added to it! Oh and I also got my own A&L BBQ 2014 tag rugby t-shirt, so Ill be keeping that!
Aside from work, (or more, alongside it) I’ve attended a cookery class in the Cookery Academy and will be posting photos of that up as soon as I can!
I’ve also (finally) visited the Museum of Modern Art and loved every bit of that too. (See photo above – it’s almost a little like Paris, isn’t it??)
Sorcha x


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