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Home to Donegal!

I’ve been spending this past week back at home in Letterkenny trying to get everything sorted before the big move backup to Dublin. After a week hanging around the capital, I genuinely expected the weather to stay  rainy and cold for at least another few weeks, so when I landed off the bus to see this (photo above) I was thrilled! It’s been absolutely fantastic here in Donegal for this week and I’ve been doing everything possible to make the most of it!
We went for a bit of a walk around Glenveagh during the week and it was just as tranquil and as beautiful as its always been. As far as country castles go, it’s a gem. A secret little overgrown find tucked away in the hills of Donegal. I love it.

The shoes that had to be dragged back out for the Glenveagh trip. 
Old and past their best, but still loved and they did their job!

Aside from Glenveagh, I’ve been organising meetups with friends, park trips, walks, picnics and nights out – I want to see all my wonderful friends from home before I leave. I’m also back driving (at long last) so that makes visits a little bit more far afield and I’m freer to meet up! So handy. Very very handy indeed.

In the next few weeks I’ll be starting my internship up in Dublin and preparing for heading off to Brussels so I’ve some slightly more interesting posts to come. My birthday is next week too (another year flew) and I’m hoping to go to the Bloom Festival in the Phoenix Park to celebrate it. I’ve heard such lovely things about their garden shows and cookery demonstrations, so I’m super excited to be attending! I’ve my new toy to take photos with too (noticed my increased presence on instagram??) so expect many photos to come!
I’m loving being home. There really is no place like it. Still, I’m in a very fortunate position where I’ve two homes – Donegal and Dublin. Paris may indeed even be considered my third.

Sorcha x


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