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Yesterday Eoin and I took a trip to the Mayfair Cafe in Terenure. The weather was so lovely (surprisingly) that we rambled from Rathfarnham and decided to sit at one of the cute tables outside.

Eoin had discovered the place before and I’d always passed it on the bus and admired it from afar, so I was delighted when I finally got to have lunch there!

The bagels were huge, so much so that I could only eat half and had to have the rest wrapped up for later, and the soup was yum (parsnip, cumin and ginger – I’d never had it before and it was absolutely delicious).

The desserts, French toast and selection of teas all seemed rather impressive too, but I was far too full to try any. Next time though!
The cafe is owned by a couple called Kevin and Kevin and you can really feel how much love and effort went into making the place their little quirky haven.

The staff seemed lovely, the decor was cute and it truly was a wonderful little find for an afternoon tea. I spotted a bakery just beside it filled with cupcakes and a sign for dinner and live music just as we were leaving, both ventures being something I’d be very interested in finding out more about! I can only imagine how quirky the cafe looks for night events – the candles, the fairy lights and lanterns… We all know I’d absolutely love it.

Sorcha x


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