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Last night Isobel and I made a final trip down to Shakespeare and Co (I’ll probably not get to it again before I leave Paris for good) and then we finished the evening with a few cocktails in Le Village. It was an impromptu decision – we felt we’d earned it after cramming so much study in all day yesterday.

I’m about half way through the exams, I had three on Friday (that wasn’t easy going) and now I’ve another Monday, Friday and I’m all done on the 12th. Given how hard we all worked last semester, making up the final few credits shouldn’t be too difficult, but trying to muster up the will to study when the weather is so lovely still isn’t easy. It’s my last fortnight in Paris…. I shouldn’t be spending it locked inside sponging up as much Histoire des idées politiques as possible. I also have a growing list of loose strings I need to tie up before I leave – there’s bank and CAF accounts to be closed, letters to be sent, references to get, phones and transport cards to be cancelled…. but I’m not going to concern myself too much with it all yet. There’s an exam tomorrow that needs to be focused on!
Chat soon,
Sorcha x


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