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Yesterday I had my last law lecture in Paris. Writing that makes it sound way more monumental than it felt, but in a way it’s only really dawning on me now how saying goodbye to Paris has officially started.

The next few weeks are crammed with exams, study and rushing to finish assignments… so I’ve no doubt that the time will fly between now and May. It all just feels a tad too surreal. Am I ready to leave? I haven’t even seen the Catacombs. What am I doing?? I’ve far too much of Paris left to see and do and soak up before I head. Or maybe I’m just thinking that. In fairness, I’ve walked the Seine more times than the Liffey and I’ve grown quite used to seeing both the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame on a daily basis. But still… it’s Paris.

A friend came to visit last weekend (Hi Matthew! Here’s your shout out!) and commented on how he partially took an Erasmus place in Belgium because he was told that one could get sick of Paris and end up never wanting to see the place again. After a year of living here, I can honestly say there’s no truth in it. Paris is like one large well kept city garden with sophisticated buildings and quaint little coffee shops all scattered throughout it. There is so much to discover in this city that getting tired of the place just isn’t an option. I have truly loved living in this city. No matter what I ever end up doing with my life or where I end up taking root, I’ll always have the fond memories of my year in Paris… and I’m so lucky to be able to say as much.

The breads, the cheeses, the wine, the chocolate – it’s all a daily part of my diet. Part of me wishes I was joking, part of me is actually quite impressed at how easily I took to it all. The city is as familiar to me now as Dublin and the community of poets, musicians and writers took me in and turned this huge city into a place we all could happily call home.

Yes, I’ll miss every bit of it. Even faceless, characterless Nanterre with it’s awful administration and blank buildings (even Paris has it’s block coloured blandly decorated outskirt buildings).

Anyway, I’m not leaving yet. I’ve still time. I’ll tick the last few touristy things off the list and I’ll find a way to say goodbye to Paris and to the Centre Culturel Irlandais properly.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.

Sorcha x.

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