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I’m just back from my weekend back in Dublin! I had such an excellent time at home – I think the only real way I can describe it all is by using it for my “Ten Things That Made Me Happy This Week”.  So here it is!

1. RCSI Ballad Session: I was very lucky to have made it to the RCSI Ballad Session for the second year in a row! I had a great time! It was made all the better by the fact that right before the gig I received a lovely phone call telling me that I’d been successful in my interview and was able to start forming summer plans around it. Eoin was playing in the final year band and got up and sang (well, sort of…) Sex Bomb which is apparently something he’d been dying to do for quite a while. Everyone loved them. I’m only jealous that UCD doesn’t do something similar.

2. Movie nights at Kelly’s: Kelly played the role of an exemplary host yet again for my Dublin trip and I absolutely love the woman for everything she did while I was around. Aside from her heavy Frisbee commitments (genuinely a thing. She works out more for that club than I probably ever did for rowing) she also had time to laze about in bed and watch film after film while we both avoided heading out in the cold, damp weather at home. I finally got to see Brave too! And can I just say, those triplets? Key. They made that film. End of story.

3. The warm cookies at Morrison’s Hotel: On Saturday night I also got a chance to stay near Templebar in the recently renovated Morrison’s Hotel. We weren’t entirely sure what to expect but were delighted from the moment we landed into the place and were handed giant warm cookies as a complimentary token for our stay there. Nom doesn’t even begin to cover them. Other excellent aspects of the hotel included the song lyrics they’ve splashed across all the walls and rooms, the giant beds (seriously. HUGE) and their wonderful room service staff who didn’t mind bringing up two toothbrushes on two separate occasions when Eoin and I both realised we’d “misplaced” our own. Awks.

4. Revisiting the L&H: I thought I was being clever. I’d completely forgotten that it was reading week in UCD and I figured I’d be okay timing-wise when it came to the Irish Mace final, so I genuinely thought I could land into the L&H office and see the guys for a while. I was hoping it’d be a nice surprise. Well, the only surprise really was when I found the whole place plunged in darkness. See attached photo to the right of this post – not amused.

5. Frozen Yoghurt in George’s Street Arcade: And then there was the frozen yoghurt. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how often I include this in my weekly highlights? No? Probably best.
Anyway…I love Camden St. I love George’s Street Arcade. I love the quirky shops, the cafes and the little pop-up businesses surrounding the whole area. More than all this, I love the frozen yoghurt shop tucked away inside the Arcade. I’ve never gotten anywhere near right when I guess the weight of my tub though. I blame the added chocolate drops.

6. Sorting out summer plans: So as I said, I’ve finally got my summer plans sorted. And honestly, I’m so excited for it all. Things have been up in the air for this past while (and well you all know it) which makes it such a relief to have everything work out nicely for the next few months. I’m also very aware of how incredibly lucky I am to be able to say as much too. I’m very appreciative of how lovely so many people have been to me with helping me form my summer plans and I promise that I’ll do everything possible to make it up to karma, God, all you incredibly thoughtful people with the candles lighting on my behalf…

7. Hot chocolates and the coffee shops of Dublin: Obviously this was how my weekend was spent. I mean, it’s frankly a given. Since the weather was so miserable while I was back (and since I wasn’t used to it after Paris) I kept avoiding the cold by taking refuge in the many cafes of Dublin. I think I’ll do a post dedicated entirely to the loveliest hot chocolate suppliers in Dublin, but til then you can just take my word on it all. I had plenty. They were all suitably delicious.

8. The Grand Budapest Hotel: Okay so this one happened last night and therefore while I was back in Paris, but it still counts as a weekly highlight. George, Isobel and I went to see the film with high expectations and even so, they were surpassed. I love Wes Anderson. He has such a wonderfully unique style in his work that literally paints his name across each and every one of his films in oranges and golds. It was such a quirky story and definitely worth going to see.

9. Drinks at Jack and Tomas’ House: I finally got to head to the Broshack! It had been an absolute age since I was there, so it was nice to grab some pizzas and drinks and head over for a catch up with the guys. Typically, Conor had a free ticket to a concert last minute and couldn’t come which was really disappointing, but we had a great night all the same. I miss my roommate pints (a thing we did occasionally last year just for catch-ups and work-avoidance) but more than that I really just miss the guys. I can’t wait to see them more when I’m home next year.

10. Chester Beatty Library : When Eoin and I were venturing around Dublin, he decided it’d be a good idea to head into Dublin Castle for a little walk around. I’d never been to the Chester Beatty library so we had to go in just to tick it off the list! I’d love to say we planned it, but luckily enough there was a Parisian costumes exhibition on while we were there. I was very impressed! Plus the chocolate cake and tea in the cafe downstairs was phenomenal.


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