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I’m writing this from the comfort of the courtyard in the Centre Culturel Irlandais. It’s currently 18 degrees out and the sunshine is due to stay for at least another week. Things really couldn’t get better at the minute and this post is going to be a catch-up on all the lovely things that I’ve been neglecting to write about over the past week or two!


I’ve passed all my exams. It’s been a long time coming and to be honest I’d pretty much forgotten about the results coming out until they suddenly crept up on us this week. Obviously we were all nervous. I think it was mainly because of how hard we’d all worked and how real the threat of failing was… or at least felt at the time. You always hear of Erasmus horror stories and I guess when you’re waiting such a long time to hear back from the examiners, you let yourself overthink these things and begin to expect the worst. Thankfully we were all proven wrong – we all did better than we expected, significantly better, which is both a testimony to the hours of pouring over books that we put in but mainly how lovely our lecturers were when it came to marking. It was such a huge relief and we’ve dedicated this weekend to celebrating them all 🙂

Typing up this blog post in the sun…

Aside from the exams, I’ve also booked a long weekend home for two weeks time and I’m incredibly excited about getting back for a while. I haven’t seen Jack or Conor in an age and I’ve missed both their birthdays since I saw them last, so a night out is definitely in order. Plus I’ll get to see Kelly and Eoin too and there’s a few events planned that weekend (Eoin’s doing Balled Session with RCSI…. It’ll literally be the second and probably last time ever that I see the man play drums..) so there’s plenty to keep me occupied anyway! And then when I come back to Paris, I’ve about three weeks til mum, Caoimhe and Eilis come over. I really do have so much to look forward to!

Exams, weather and weekends away are really making my mood an incredibly good one, but so is the thoughts of summer coming up and all the lovely things that are potentially on the cards. Everyone here is in a great mood too, the hot chocolates, casual coffees and wine evenings are still playing a prominent role in our student lifestyle here, but now it’s all become so much better given that sitting out by the Seine and picnics by the Eiffel Tower is possible again!!

They say Paris is at it’s best in the spring time and I don’t for one second doubt it. I’ve about eight weeks left here and I plan to make the most of every last bit of it.




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