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In a few days time I’ll be landing back home for my second chance at holidays this semester. I’ve said it a thousand times before, but Christmas flew by because of exams and study plans, so I’d always promised myself that I’d allow this February mid-term to be solely for relaxing and catching up with friends.

I can’t wait! I know it’s only a week that I’ll be at home for, but that’s long enough for me to see everyone important. I’ve some dinner parties planned, a cocktail night, a girls evening and many cake/coffee dates. It’ll be a jam-packed week, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.
I think everyone’s kinda forgotten that I’m coming home too, so it might even be a nice surprise for one or two.
Anyway updates! Few to talk about actually. I’m busy trying to get through assignments at the minute and I’m actually enjoying second semester significantly more than the first now that I’m on the other side of exams. My french has improved enough for me to be more relaxed in classes and I’m really beginning to enjoy these new translations modules. I never realised how many words we use in English that just don’t exist in French. I’m finding it incredibly interesting how sentences are mixed between languages and how far off the mark we can go when we translate too directly. It was something I couldn’t really get my head around last year so I’m really glad it’s starting to come together over here.
Plans for when I’m home? Nothing. Family time (since Dad is back for a few weeks) and then a trip to Dublin towards the end of the week. As always, I’ll keep you posted.
Sorcha x


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