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A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure to host some of my friends from home here in Paris.
I’d been looking forward to it since the moment they’d booked the tickets and it was the ultimate reward once I’d finished my exams and had a bit of free time again.

Although they were only here for a few days, we somehow managed to get in almost every significant tourist attraction in Paris as well as creeping outside the Chanel haute-couture fashion show. I have to say I knew absolutely nobody walking into the show (I don’t think the guys did either despite all the photo taking) but it was such an interesting place to go people watching. Paparazzi swarmed outside the building hoping to catch sight of someone worthy of a tabloid spread, but to me it seemed like the real stars sneaked in around the back, those that pulled up right outside the front in their Bentleys were just looking to be papped. They made for an interesting morning at least! Oh to be so close to the Chanel collection and yet so far….

It felt surreal having my home friends in Paris. I’d completely separated my world into two lives ever since moving to Dublin, so I guess it just seemed as if all had collided when I sat having breakfast with the guys in the Cultural Centre here. Going up the Eiffel Tower, posing in front of the Arc de Triumph, the Louvre and a quick stop or two to H&M… it really felt like I’d morphed the two together. I loved it.

That said, if I were to ever have the guys over again, I’d take a more relaxed approach to the city. Paris is at it’s best when you’ve time to sit back and take it all in over coffee. The food, the wine and the general atmosphere are the things I love best about the city so I was a little disappointed that my friends didn’t really have time to experience them. I think my favourite moment of the trip was the last night when we sat around having crepes and ice cream. Just touching base with friends is one of the things I miss the most about being away for the year, so I appreciate it so much more every chance I get at it.

Anyway I thought I’d write this post, despite being about a fortnight overdue, because their trip to Paris was certainly a highlight of second semester and I didn’t want to leave it unmentioned.

It also meant that I got a few more attractions ticked off my to-do list – I finally got to see the Pompidou Centre, a few more collections in the Louvre (who knew Lady Gaga was part of a new exhibition there??) and a room or two more in the Musee d’Orsay. Needless to say I slept for at least three days after they had left… I felt as if I’d walked the length of Paris in a mere 48 hours.

Recently my sisters and mother booked tickets over too, so that’s the next big home/Paris colliding of worlds to look forward to. No doubt I’ll have another few trips up the Eiffel Tower before I’ve left here for good. I reckon they should start doing loyalty cards…

Sorcha x


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