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Berkeley Books of Paris is located in the 6th Arrondissement on Rue Casimir-Delavigne, a stone stroke away from the Luxembourg Gardens. Since Shakespeare and Co are closed for renovating, I’ve had to branch out to get my English literary fix in Paris. Thankfully this place is a mere ten minutes from home. Sorted.
Okay I lied a little. Google maps said it was ten minutes from home and technically speaking, it is… if you know where you’re going. I obviously hadn’t a clue. Turns out Casimir-Delavigne is a difficult little road to stumble across so I spent the guts of two hours trying to find the bookshop. I was on the verge of giving up when I found it.
Glad I persisted though – I ended up finding the nicest collection of books once I went in.
The shop is overflowing with pre-loved books varying from comics to literary journals, from travel diaries to cookbooks and more. Every book is individually marked with a price scrawled in pencil on the inside of the cover (all reasonable) and bags filled with future stock line the floors making it ever so slightly difficult to manoeuvre around the shelves.

I thoroughly appreciated the place. I didn’t mind stumbling over bags of books one bit – in a way it added a little bit of extra character to the shop.

The book lovers behind the idea, Phil Wood, Phyllis Cohen and Richard Toney, clearly knew exactly what they wanted from their Parisian bookshop venture – it’s a book treasure trove. It’s ideal for a wanderer looking for inspiration for their next read but not necessarily for someone with an exact book in mind. As I said, the shop is full of second-hand books, so expect to find the popular authors (I definitely found Wilde, Joyce and the ever-reliable JK Rowling) but then some overlooked and rather old books worth a read too.
I’ll definitely be popping into the shop again at some stage in the not so distant future – it was too good a find and too close to home to miss.
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