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The exams came and took over the past few weeks and I’m only really getting back into routine again now. Since it’s so overdue, I feel like I should just jump straight into this and tell you all about the ten things that made me happy this week 🙂

1. Finishing Exams
This is a pretty massive one. As you’re all very much aware, I’ve been living in an exam hole for the past two months and now I’ve finally emerged on the other side of it all. I feel like I’ve been given all this freedom in Paris and it’s time to start making the most of every last bit of it. The relief at being done and having my first set of French law exams behind me is incredible. I’m still reveling in the whole “no more study” thing. Sorry if I rub it in too much over the next while 🙂
2. Alimentation Generale 
This is a cafe by day and a club/bar place at night that we’ve grown quite fond of here in Paris. It looks for all the world like a converted basement with minimalist decoration and very little space, but I like it all the same. It also boasts nice cocktails and excellent DJs (playing anything and everything from hiphop to techno) so I thoroughly approve.
3. Lie-ins
They’re back. Now that I don’t currently need an alarm clock to wake me up for morning study, all is right in the world again.
4. Film nights
We’ve packed up on crisps, chocolate and sweets. There’s a huge list of films that we need to see and just haven’t had the time to… until now. I’m currently biding my time by writing this post until we decide to head down to the salon to watch something Disney. I can’t wait.
5. Urban Outfitters Sales
I may have splurged on a few dresses this week as a post-exam treat to myself. Urban Outfitters have an excellent sale on  and I just couldn’t resist. Take care not to fall into the trap of skipping the sale pages and just buying the new stock though. I did that for one or two things and well…. I regret nothing.
6. Planning Amsterdam
Our first trip together as a class will be in February! Well okay, Paris might’ve been our first trip as a class, but our first Erasmus trip away from here will be Amsterdam. Sooo exciting!! I haven’t been since I was in my early teens. We used to go every year as part of our family holidays, so I feel a little nostalgic heading back.
7. Visiting Montmartre
Again, I know we always say it, but this time we’re serious. We’re taking the cultural side of Paris by storm this semester and we’re revisiting everything we’ve already been to as well as everything we’ve yet to tick of the list. Today we went back to Montmartre and up to the Sacre Coeur to see the amazing view of the place at sunset. It was worth every last step we had to take to trek right up to the top.
8. Kilo Shops
There’s one that we’ve discovered in Saint Germain. The idea behind them is all the name – you basically get a kilo’s worth of clothes for 30 euro. I’d recently been into the White Rabbit in Letterkenny which was trying out the same regime and got some really lovely dresses in it, so I was delighted to find this shop here in Paris! Though granted a lot of the shop was full of furs and there’s only so much fur a person can handle.
9. Tea Conversations
Since everyone has more time on their hands, we’ve had loads more time for catch-ups over tea. We’ve had the most random conversations about saving dolphins, games of would you rather (and no – I don’t approve), talks on different habits and really whatever it is we see fit to talk about. I’d missed the random conversations over tea.
10. Ice Cream
The weather has been too awful here for the past month to even contemplate having ice cream. Thankfully we’ve had a bit of a turn around and today I finally had a craving for some icey creamy goodness. It was yum. Very yum indeed.


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