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Following on from my exam memo theme…
Here’s my memo mustache!

I’m finally done. All that study talk that’s taken over the blog for the past two/threeish months? Gone. The exams are over and I promise to avoid all study talk from here on in.

Something the exams did give me though was a new sense of appreciation for living in Paris. You always appreciate things from the moment you lose them, so when I was no longer able to take days off to visit the galleries, gardens and museums of Paris, I started resenting the fact that I hadn’t done as much exploring of the city as I perhaps otherwise should have. Still, I don’t regret how I spent my first semester here – I was just about settled in when exam mode started kicking in – but I do feel that now I’ve time again to enjoy my Erasmus, I have to make the most out of it. Future me wouldn’t be too impressed otherwise, and we all know how much I hate displeasing that wagon….

Over Christmas I was given a wonderful little insiders guide to Paris which is full of cafes, markets, shops and vintage haunts that any fashion enthusiast or general tourist with spare time should really check out. I intend to tick off as much as possible and though I know how good I am at setting goals and wandering away from them a few months in, this time, given how little time I really have left here, I WILL stick to it. There’s too many excellent things to do in this city for me to waste such an opportunity.

Moving on from my Parisian intentions, we’ve also got some travelling planned – Amsterdam and Berlin are the forerunners, but I’m open to anywhere really. If we’re going to be exploring during our stay here, there’s no real reason why we need to limit that just to our beloved city here… 🙂

Sorcha x


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