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Again, apologies for how little I’ve been updating this blog this week. It’s entirely due to exam stress. The good news is, I’m half way through! I’ve also a little bit of a break now before the last few which is handy for catching up on sleep and doing last minute cramming. I’m almost there now – freedom is so close!!! And I can’t wait til they’re over.

I feel like I’ve spent so long talking about these exams and preparing for them that once they’re over I’ll have all this new found appreciation of having nothing to do in Paris. I’ve made a post-study pact to myself to make the most out of every last bit of second semester here. I know it’s going to fly, so I’m going to visit every cafe, vintage shop, museum and garden on the to-do list. I’m going to travel, I’m going to invite friends over here and we’re all going to have an absolute ball being in Paris! This will happen and yes – I’ll blog all about it.

Quick flick back to the exams… So far so good. I’m glad we put all those weeks of study in before Christmas though, it meant that not studying over Christmas wasn’t as big a blow as it otherwise would’ve been. I’m also quite relaxed about them too which is a massive plus because I was terrified I’d be stuck stressed and sleepless trying desperately to muster up some words of legal French. Fingers crossed my lucky streak keeps for the rest of the exams.

Anyway I solemnly swear that my blogging will go back to normal once they’re over. I’ve a few posts due too – I got the most wonderful dresses from The White Rabbit vintage shop back in Letterkenny and I most definitely intend on blogging about them!

Sorcha x.

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