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All packed to go home for Christmas…

Christmas has been excellent. My severe lack of blogging is a testimony to as much.

You all know about my late plane home, so to follow up from that, I landed back on the 22nd feeling like the very last person in Paris to get home for Christmas. Dad, who I hadn’t seen in over six months, picked me up at Dublin airport and we drove right back home to Donegal. It was such a relief to finally make it back too – I had been in Paris so long studying and watching others leave that it felt as if I’d never see Letterkenny again.

The awful thing about looking forward to something for so long and the trip being so brief was that it flew by. My ten days seemed to vanish before I’d even time to settle into being back. I didn’t get as long with everyone as I’d hoped, my coffee dates were greatly narrowed down and my nights out, although brilliant, weren’t as numerous as I’d have loved them to be. Still, there’s always my post-exam trip back in February. That’ll have to do instead.

Anyway, Christmas in the Cusack household. We all wore wonderfully cheesy jumpers (it was mandatory for the 25th) and ate far too much turkey and cake. It was a quiet enough few days but it was everything I’d been looking forward to all the same. We had family up for the festivites which was an added bonus too because Santa made a trip to ours for the first time in a very VERY long time. I’d forgotten the excitement of watching the man himself leave the North Pole on RTE’s 9 o’clock news and then waking up the next morning to mounds of toys and a half eaten carrot. I loved every bit of it! That said, I’d also forgotten how many batteries these toys then needed and how incredibly hard games still are to assemble. It took up our entire afternoon trying to figure out Mouse Trap – we didn’t even end up playing it in the end…

I know I’ve lots of posting to catch up on, but instead of dragging out this Christmas post (since we’re already in January and this is quite dated) I’ll mention the highlights:

We even had matching Christmas pyjamas #GotSwag

1. Christmas day antics
2. Going to a Winter Mountain gig in Culdaff with my friend Paul. He lives in Glasgow now so we hadn’t had a night out together in an age)
3. Conor’s 21st birthday party in Dublin
4. Having lunch in KC Peaches and cupcakes from Johnny Cupcakes (NOM)
5. Vintage shopping at home – (I promise I’ll do a White Rabbit post on all my purchases, I just need time!)
6. In Their Thousands gig in An Grianan theatre. Great band, great venue, great atmosphere overall. They’ve done incredible things with their music over the past year or two and it’s always epic seeing friends do so well.
7. Bowling with Eoin and the family. I came last. I regret nothing.
8. Tapas in the Port house in Dundrum (again, NOM)
9. Crazy golf (didn’t come last this time)
10. Seeing Anchorman 2 – surprisingly good.
11. Watching old films late at night
12. The Children’s Mass on Christmas eve
13. Presents!! Especially a certain teacup with “As Told by Sorcha” written on it!
14. Duke Special on New Year’s Eve
15. No study. Sad to have this as a highlight isn’t it? Future me will have zero thanks for the situation I’ve put her in.
16. Waking up in my own bed
17. Quiet pints with Shauna
18. Running into everyone in McGinleys anyway

There’s so much more excellent memories I have from the Christmas and overall, I had a trip home that was every bit as brilliant as I’d hoped.

I can’t wait to see everyone again, I’ve just a few sleepless nights of study and exams to get through first!

Sorcha x


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