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Another week on, another ten things to appreciate! I really enjoy doing these little posts. Here’s my list!

1. Sugar Plum Cake Shop: This evening we took a little break from exam prep and all things generally studious so that we could finally check out the Sugar Plum Cake Shop near our house. I loved the place! The first thing I spotted upon going into the shop were the large cakes, cookies, tarts and cupcakes behind the glass front of the counter. They looked incredible. Behind them were chalked menus of various teas and beverages… of course I went for the hot chocolate. It didn’t disappoint!
2. Gift-wrapping: I’ve bought all my gifts! This week was for wrapping. I’m not great at it myself, I usually just throw ribbons on or use the most clashing paper possible so that nobody will notice how awful my sellotaping/general packaging skills are. I enjoy it all the same.
3. The Lock Bridge, Notre Dame: I’ve still been going on walks down my the Seine and I’ve taken to crossing over the Lock Bridge on my way home. Without fail there’s always at least one couple on it adding their lock. I’m obviously a romantic at heart, but that aside it’s really lovely to see so many names and people who’ve left their mark there.
4. Shakespeare and Co: I found an excuse to go back into the book shop yet again this week! They have such an excellent collection of books stacked everywhere and you meet all kinds of folk tottering about the shop. I just like to go in and read the handwritten staff reviews attached to various books and do some general people-watching. It’s an incredible place.
5. Letters: I wasn’t expecting much post this week and instead I was pleasantly surprised when I received a letter from my boyfriend back at home. I absolutely love letters (stating the obvious at this stage really). Anyway, it made my day.
6. Advent Calenders: We’ve nine days left! We’re in single digits now! The only thing is, I get every third day and not all the chocolates are the same. My luck means I keep getting small chocolate eggs instead of the large kinder bars that George keeps opening!
7. The Carol Service: This week in the Centre Culturel Irlandais we had our very own Carol Service. The choir had been practising in the church every Sunday for months and lots of French and Irish people alike came to hear it. There was mulled wine afterwards and the smell wafted through the entire centre, right up to our bedrooms, kitchens and beyond. It created such a Christmas atmosphere and reminded me so much of being at home.
8. Checking in Online: I’ve just done it. Now all I need to do is print my ticket and hop on that flight back to Ireland!
9. Finishing study: A month or two ago I made a despressingly long list of everything I needed to cover before leaving Paris so that I could relax a bit over the holidays and not have to study too much. I felt stupid starting studying so early (my exams aren’t til after Christmas) but I was just so terrified that my holidays would be ruined because of exams that I felt I had to. I’ve been ticking off subjects and topics as I cover them and this evening I realised that I’m almost done. I guess all the hard work is finally paying off, so it wasn’t such a stupid decision after all.
10. Christmas shopping: I took some time for myself this week and went into the markets (yet again!). I just want to soak up as much of the Parisian Christmas atmosphere as possible. There’s a chance that it might be the only time in my life that I’ll have the opportunity to live here and do so.


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