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I was gifted this make-up set by my friend Bronagh and it was my first real introduction into Benefit make-up.  Here’s a mini review of the face brightening kit (it’s description, not my own) and all the mini products in it!

Ideal purchase for anyone who wants to try out their cosmetics before splashing out on the less than miniture sized versions of everything!
The set is incredibly cute.
There’s a little instruction book attached to the box to show you how to apply everything perfectly!

It’s hard to cart about – it won’t fit in the average make-up bag and since the blusher is actually part of the box (therefore can’t be removed) you have to take the whole thing with you if you want to use it.

They’re Real! Mascara: This is the best thing in the kit. It’s a wonderful little mascara, will fit in every bag no matter how tiny and it has a better staying power than most mascaras I’ve owned in the past. This was my first Benefit mascara and since then I’ve been completely converted.

Bad Gal  Liner Waterproof Eye Pencil: 
I don’t use pencil eye liner much, but this one is a pretty good match for most. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t smudge in the process which is a massive plus for someone like me who can’t draw in a straight line to save myself. Now that I’ve the Bad Gal mascara, I’m waiting to see how the two work out. They’re really dark, so I’ll probably end up looking gothic or drag.

That Gal Primer: Excellent as a base before putting all the other products on. You only get a few goes at it since it’s tiny, so save it for special occasions! (Or go buy the bigger version. Worth it.)

Dandelion Face Powder: It’s a really good blusher and for something so small it lasts an age – I’m still using it months later. It mightn’t look like much in the box, but it comes out quite pink and really does the job. Of course I’ve a tendency to get carried away and once or twice ended up looking like a strawberry. Again, use sparingly.

High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer: Can’t say I’ve actually used this too much, but it is a nice compliment to the blusher. I always feel after it that maybe my face looks too shiny but the answer to that is not to use flash in any camera while wearing the stuff. Would I buy the bigger version? Probably not..

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