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Yesterday I decided to treat myself and went on a bit of a Benefit make-up binge. I’d been waiting for a while to buy myself some good make-up and heard that Benefit had excellent mascaras and concealers, so I finally decided to try it all out. I’ll do a few reviews as I get wear out of them, but for now here’s what I thought of the Bad Gal Lash mascara!

BAD Gal Lash mascara:

Overall: 8/10

I already own “They’re Real!” mascara from the same line, so I decided to branch out a little and try “BAD Gal Lash” to see how it compared. I’m a fan of Benefit mascara in general because it usually has good keeping power and doesn’t clump too much, so I knew that I couldn’t go too far wrong with this one.

Excellent staying power.
It’s perfect for connecting with your inner Twiggy, completing a biker chic look or just emphasising smokey eyes.
Although it isn’t waterproof, it doesn’t run easily.

The name is a bit dodgy.
Clumps a little more than other Benefit mascaras, but not enough to really complain about.
It’s incredibly dark so a person can’t wear it subtly – it’s ALL or nothing.
A little bit pricey.


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