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Another week over, another ten things worth my appreciation from the past seven days!

1. YMIP Report:
I was checking my post a few days ago and found my copy of the YMIP report sitting waiting for me! I was delighted to get it – the report looks brilliant! It’ll be such a great keepsake from the project. I even decided to give it my own little Parisian launch here near the Pantheon since I missed the launch at home!
2. Monday Cocktails: We’ve been trying to cram as much study as possible (check out all my previous posts complaining about it) so it was really nice to get a break from it all Monday evening and go for a few drinks. We found the nicest little bar which served chocolate marshmallow bears with the cocktails. That should be a thing everywhere.
3. Buying Christmas presents: I’ve started getting my act together and getting gifts for Christmas! That always puts me in such a good mood 🙂
4: Late Late Toy Show: This year the lovely people at RTE decided they’d lift any streaming issues with the Toy Show so that people all over the world could tune into it. I missed the first half of the show due to phoning home (not that I regret it… Don’t worry mum) and then managed to catch up on the second half with some of the girls. It was great 🙂 There’s something so homely about the Toy Show. It was excellent hearing all the local accents again and watching kids have their five minutes of fame. They were adorable! A night well spent.
5.  Wine Receptions and exhibitions: I was helping out the Irish College with a few events over the weekend and had the loveliest of times mingling with Irish people who’d made the move to Paris permanently. They were full of advice for places to see and things to do around Paris… I was all ears. I’m hoping to create a long list and start getting into it all after Christmas.
6. Phone calls from home: So I know it interrupted half of the Toy Show, but I was delighted to get a phone call from home this week! Between everything that’s going on both at home and here, it’s not been the easiest finding a time that suits us both to call and I guess I miss chatting to the family more than I’d thought.
7. Kris kindle: Here in the Irish College we’ve decided to do kris kindle between a group of about 25 of us. Since everyone is in different colleges and therefore leaving to go home for Christmas at different times, we’re going to have the official gift-giving night sometime this week. I can’t wait! I love getting early presents! Fingers crossed it’s something with chocolate…
8.  Girls Nights In: This doesn’t even need explaining. This is a classic. Chocolate was involved. So was tea and pyjamas.
9.  Pear cake: We had a birthday in the house yesterday. It means cake. Lots and lots of cake. Though not the traditional chocolate or sponge that you’d get at home – here the French are more into open tarts. I’d never tried pear tart, so it was a delicious first. Does it deserve to be one of the ten highlights from this week? Actually yes. Yes it does. I don’t think everyone realises how dull my weeks have become since the study cramming set in.
10. Walks along the Seine: I’ve been trying to get in a bit of exercise and fresh air in the evenings and the Seine walks are the best way possible to relax. It’s such a lovely route to take and even though it’s gotten a bit colder, it’s worth it for the views. They’re still spectacular.


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