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It’s a Saturday morning and I’m sitting here studying. My exams aren’t for another seven weeks or so yet I find myself trying desperately to get a good bit covered in advance. As you can imagine, nerding up is every bit as dull as it normally is. In fact, it feel worse this time round given that a lot of the subjects are repetitive of the past two years in UCD, only in more depth. There’s only so many times I need to hear about the foundations of the French State before I get bored of it. I’ve taken to comfort eating and sleep as a means of tackling these awful study sessions. Well, I say I’ve taken to them, really nothing has changed, I just feel more entitled to them both now more so than ever.

See, I really don’t want to have to waste my Christmas studying. I’m doing everything I can to be as prepared as possible before I go home, but keeping motivated and actually getting a decent amount of work covered is so much harder than I imagined. Maybe I’ve developed lazy habits, maybe I’ve just forgotten how to study through French, but I’m finding that it takes twice as long to absorb the notes as I usually would back at home. It’ll also be the first time I’ll ever have experienced the horror of “After Christmas” exams and I’m not looking one bit forward to them. Why is that a thing? It makes me appreciate UCD so much more… at least they let me enjoy Christmas. I just really don’t want to spend my time back in Ireland absorbed in books. I’m steadily realising that I mightn’t have a choice – this studying through French business means that it takes me significantly longer than normal to digest topics and I’m not sure I’ve settled back into my study routine yet. It’s all doom and gloom but hopefully future me will appreciate the effort I’m putting in now. I do want to have a Christmas to look forward to, and right now that’s getting me through the workload here.
Aside from exams, Paris has gotten very much into the Christmassy mood and it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s not even December yet, but all the lights have gone up, the shops are filled with decorations and the wonderfully festive jumpers are slowly making an appearance. Here in the Centre Culturel Irlandais, we’ve already got our kris kindle names taken out of the hat and dinner preparations beginning. I’m so excited for it all! Sadly I didn’t get tickets to the Late Late Toy Show back at home, but I’ll get over that. One day, many years from now, it’s bound to happen. I’ll just bide my time and work on party tricks between now and then.
One thing that definitely accompanies the Christmassy vibe (and something I haven’t really missed) is how bitterly cold here… that’s the one downside. I came home last night after a few drinks with everyone and I had to hug the radiator when I came in.
That said, a little bit of coldness mightn’t be such a bad thing… How epic would it be if it snowed? I’d love to see Paris covered in a blanket of it. Imagine how excellent the Luxembourg Gardens or the Eiffel Tower would look?
In the meantime, I’m wrapping up and staying indoors. There’s study to be done and sleep to catch up on.
Sorcha x


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