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It’s the weekend!! I feel like I’ve been waiting for Friday to arrive for an absolute age…

Anyway, following on from last week’s post, here’s another ten things that made me happy this week:

Musée d’Orsay now….

1. 8tracks.com: I’ve been trying to start studying and it’s been made significantly easier by the study playlists that so many wonderful people have compiled. A personal favourite is Study Mix by Ylenia.Pace. She obviously knows what she’s at.

2. One Percent Difference Campaign: I spent some time working on a video for SpunOut so that they would be a contender in the competition to win €10,000. The deadline is today and so many people have been incredible by voting for it (it’s currently got over 200 votes and nearly 650 views) which is something I’m very grateful for. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we win, SpunOut could do so much with all that money, but even if we don’t I’m happy that so much publicity is being generated for it anyway!

Link to video: http://postit.todayfm.com/entry/1792

3. Shopping: This week we had yet another terrible Thursday to look forward to. To cheer ourselves up about having such a long day, we went shopping in La Défence. I only bought a few necessities, but it was nice to go anyway. It’s turned really cold here all of a sudden and I feel I haven’t brought enough hats and general winter wear with me!

4. Musée d’Orsay: This week I finally took a trip to the Musée d’Orsay. It’s huge. I could only cover one exhibition, so in the interest of art and all things educational, I choose the male nude exhibition. It’s everything you expect it to be. Aside from all the art work it holds, I think a second level of appreciation needs to be addressed for the museum itself. It used to be a train station and still holds the character of such. I approve.

5. Tuileries Gardens: I actually got a good bit of touristy things covered this week! Excellent. This makes me happy in itself. Well, much like the Luxembourg Gardens, these are stunning. Had it not been so cold, I would’ve spent longer walking around them but alas this was pre-winter shopping and I had no hat, gloves or even a scarf on. I opted for a hot chocolate soon thereafter. Still, I loved the place.

Musée d’Orsay back when it was a train station!

6. Thought-Fox: This is a band that’s visiting the Centre Culturel Irlandais on Saturday night. Since they’re going to be playing in my own home, attending is a given. I’ve been listening to their music in advance – check out their song The Prime of Life. It’s very jazzy. It’ll be great for a chilled, relaxed evening chez nous.

7. Eoin’s Trip to Paris: Eoin is on his way here to visit me this weekend! I’ve been waiting for weeks. Rest assured cake and touristy activities will take up the next few days. No doubt I’ll post all about it after 🙂

8. Christmas Markets: I know it’s still too early, but I’m not getting in the Christmas mood yet, I swear. That said, I went along the Champs Elysée during the week and saw all the little white houses set up for the markets. The decorations are all beginning to be put up and I know it’s going to look unbelievable once December comes around. This made me very happy. I can’t wait!!

9: Cadbury’s Chocolate: It’s something that isn’t really found in Paris, so when you get the chance to have some, it’s not something that you take for granted!

10. Starting my book of recipes: I’ve always planned on gathering all my recipes into one place and recently my friend Orla inspired me to do so. I was gifted the loveliest notebook for my birthday and now I’ve an excellent use for it!.

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